Halloween Special - ALL Realborn Kits and Plates 50% OFF!


We are having a Halloween Special from midnight to midnight, October 31st only…

ALL Realborn kits and plates are 50% off! This includes both the first quality, and the second quality kits and plates, giving a HUGELY GOOD DEAL on the entire Realborn Selection! But for only 24 hours midnight to midnight (Mountain Standard Time in the USA).

You can see all of them prominently displayed on our home page:

Thanks so much!

Nevin Pratt, CEO


Everyone’s dream come true! What we have been asking for


I just read the email. Seconds and plates too!?!
I recently ordered and tend to space them out more. At least until I finished all kits. But now…
I’ll need to check my budget when I get home, this is too good to pass up on.

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Oh my goodness, this is incredible! Thank you, BB! Even though I have a lot of kits, I had to buy 10 more… With the seconds on sale, this puts them under $18… .just amazing. Ladies you don’t want to miss this one! :slight_smile: I also finally got Summer Rain and Landon - yay!


Thank you!

Thank you BB. This sale enabled me to pick up five kits I wanted.

Awesome sale! Thank you BB!!

What an awesome sale!! I just went wild!!


Thank you so much for this awesome sale ! I’ve Landon and Ashley and Reese and …:heart_eyes:

:sob: just seen the sale and all the seconds i wanted seem to have sold out . Shipping International is no point unless I have a good few items :heart_eyes:

Lol me too!

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Thank you BB! My wallet and hubby probably aren’t thanking you right now but that’s okay. :joy:

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Thank you so much! @bbsupport Everyone is so AWESOME! Happy Halloween! EEEEKKKKKKK

I have had quite the costly week! But I managed to spend money on babies today too! :grin:

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