Halloween Round Robin Partners

I sent your partners to you this morning. Please im me and let me know you received it and the name so I can double check. I would hate to screw it up.

I got mine but do you need a few of us to swap around so jellybean babies can take part? Let me know!

If you want to so she can and she still wants to just let me know. You could forward her your name and you take hers. I know she would know who has her name but no one else will now theirs. I can not change since I got paid today and did my shopping and crafting today all ready to go except postage, I even have it addressed.

You are welcome sweetie

Getting ready to get started on the stuff for the RR! This is more fun than getting my package! I gots to get busy, busy though…time is flying by me in my old age!

I have mine all sealed just waiting on the time to mail. I love it.

Psst, I’s gots a secrets!!! I’s gots stuff to do and make and buy and I’s gonna wrap it all up in pretties papers withs bows! And I’s gonna haves fun!!!

Christmaz is cummin! I hears that wez mights haves some funzes then toos! Elveses is plannin somethinnz for usez to helps with presents! More partyzzz!!!

If everyone will participate we will have lots of fun times. I will start earlier with this. I just decided to jump in at the last minute. on the Halloween thing.

Finally got supplies to make the Home made items and got a lot done tonight wednessday I’ll go in and get the rest my creative juices are going wild tonight

I love seeing people be creative.