Halloween Round Robin;edited. again

This is just a reminder that those round robin packages need to be mailed;
I have mailed mine. received and pics posted.
jellybeannursery has mailed hers.
huskerfan has mailed hers.
fallenangelmama mailed hers Recieved and pictures posted
djjessie says she is mailing today. received and pictures posted
I now have heard from everyone. Now it is up to the United States Post Office, GRRR. LOL mine was mailed on the 12 and as of when the mail ran yesterday it still had not been delivered.
All has been delivered.

Mailing mine today but I will confirm that after it is mailed. Yippee! Goodies coming for me too! And people, join in the fun next time! Any suggestions for Christmas fun?!!!

Mine was mailed Friday. Still trying to post picks of my robin i received going to try again today

Mailed mine priority mail today so hopefully getting there Thurs. Got mine today…it had been sitting at the post office since the 19th. Mail lady forgot to leave me a notice…again!..but I saw it while I was mailing mine out. Posting photos in a minute. I love what I got. Thanks, Debora! What I sent isn’t as much Halloween oriented but I hope my partner loves it.

You are so welcome. What is up with the mail carries lately?

I hope you enjoy it. I’ve been so nervous all this month hoping you would like it. I know it wasn’t all halloween but couldn’t resist making some of the things I sent. I love owls too! For me, it’s a flashback to the '70s! Don’t think it is that with you! My daughters are 23 and 13 so it was neat to do something for someone in their age group who likes reborns. I used Cait as my consultant on everything! Hope your video is easier to post a link to than my battle with photobucket!

I am so glad every one is happy. This was great!

Does anyone want to do a Thanksgiving Round Robin or just wait till Christmas?

Either is fine with me! The more fun, the better! And maybe some of you that didn’t do the halloween one will see how much fun it is! Poor Thanksgiving is getting neglected by the earlier and earlier Christmas push by the retail stores. So if anyone wants to do turkeys, pilgrims, Native Americans, or fall…I’m up for it…well, not up as per doctor’s orders for the next few weeks but I’ll figure something out!

Well shoot I thought I posted this in a new post. I guess I will do this again. DUH!

That answers the question because I was wondering why it was here!