Halloween Party baby

I finished my Halloween Party Baby tonight. My husband is a little creeped out about her. I love it! HE is not into anything Halloween. I just wanted to add you can have as many babies attend the party as you wish. I have done this one but my Libby is all dressed up in her costume and she will be be there also. I will have her as my costume baby then my other as a character baby. Dress them all up.

Yippeee!!! I have to get busy then and make some more costumes! I’m not into scary costumes but loved to dress my kids up as charactors (can’t spell tonight!) from different time periods or imaginary people. They dressed up the rest of the year in the costumes while playing. Now I can recreate some of those memories by dressing up some babies. I just have to get a few bodies so I have enough babies to dress!

Cant wait to see! i love your pumpkin baby!

I’m missing a body, so need to place an order today. Then I can get mine dressed and start taking pics for the party. Can’t wait!

I need to do photo shoot also. That is the part I hate the worse. I love taking pics of my grand daughter but I feel so pressuered taking these pictures.