Halloween costume idea

I know for sure I wanted to do a zombie baby, so when Grant went on sale I picked him because I love his face. But then it dawned on me that It would be really cool for me to be a Breastfeeding Zombie Mom and have it look like zombie baby bit my chest during nursing. I think it sounds fun, but I’m going to be doing a lot of walking, so I think Grant might too BIG of a baby to have. I also wonder if I might be able to put him in a ring sling and do it that way. I have someone already making him zombie eyes. But now I’m unsure on what to do.
Do you think he’d be too big to carry around?

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Not if you don’t stuff him.

I’ve once carried around a Holly at comic con. I’d definitely recommend putting him in some kind of sling and not putting any stuffing in.
I didn’t have a sling and rested him on my bag a lot, but it definitely got heavy over time.