HALLOWEEN BABY CONTEST edited and cancelled

Hello ladies, C-Micehelle and I are so excited about Halloween that we want to do a Halloween baby contest. We are going to do this one a bit differently that has been done in the past. There will be prizes for the person who made the baby and for the new momma who photographed the baby. I want to let you all know up front I will not be the person who will be getting the pictures ready and put in the forum to be voted on since I will be entering. My husband will be doing this or if you feel better about it I have a friend who works on computers, Justin, and he can do it for us.

Pictures will be due on October 30. We should all have our babies by then and I hope to have them up by 31st so the voting can be done.

First, this can be either a fantasy creature or if you are not comfortable stepping completely out of your comfort zone to do a fantasy baby, make a baby and dress it in a Halloween costume.

Second, The new momma will be the one to enter the baby they receive in the contest. You take pictures of the baby you received. just in case someone decides to be uncooperative be sure to photgraph your baby and send those to me also. I need to know this is the baby you made and who it went to. We it seem always have an issue with someone not putting the care in their baby that they should. Now most of us put our hearts into our babies take great care to make faint tiny veins and pay lots of attention to details. If you baby has huge veins or chalky spots or paint just slapped on take those honest pictures. This should help with accountability, which should not be a problem since we are all of an age we know if we are doing or best or not. Now this does not say that we want you to pick apart the baby or that we are all in the same place with our painting. We have had babies who were photographed from a distance so details can not be seen.

Forth, We do not always see our babies as other do and someone else may see things to admire about our babies than we do. We need all the details of your new baby. 1. face, 2. nails. 3. hair, now these will not all be the normal root jobs we are used to seeing, as a matter of fact we want to see creativity, a wig can be used but make sure it is a mohair wig. Unless your character uses a different substance, for example; Medusa does not have hair she has snakes. 4. a good overall picture of the baby so we can admire the full effect of these babies. If you choose not participate in the swap. This is fine you can still enter your baby. You of course can enter your own baby or have a friend photograph it for you. 5. a picture of the inside contents of your baby. Now, we add this because there was someone who used bloody gauze in the last swap to stuff their baby with. There have been other unsavory stuff in out babies. This will not happen this time I am sure. We will be held accountable for everything, since the new momma will be taking the pictures.

If anyone thinks of anything else that should be addressed let me know. Myself and C-michelle and Unknown female have all come to an agreement on these things. My email address is: blueeyed_emt2001@yahoo.com send me any comments if you wish to do it privately.

Katy this is not what any of the complaints have been about. The ones I have heard is someone who has posted beautiful babies as their work on the forum but have just slapped paint on a baby and not did their best on. I will say this much about what some of the issues are about is in the last swap that was done. Now I am not naming the guilty party but it needs to be said just outright so everyone knows. I will also post this in the other places but a friend got one of those babies. She said thank you so much and was graceful in her replies and took pictures of her baby that was not close up and did not show the flaws. I have pictures to prove what I am saying so this is not just someone complaining. The rooting has huge gaps and bald spots and the baby had paint slapped on it. In a previous swap a lady was given a baby that had some black or brown i am not sure which paint splashed on it and eyes put in and called it a good baby. This lady also posted a picture and said thank you and was gracious. Now there is no excuse for this kind of babies.
I told the friend who got the baby in this swap I would take her and reborn the baby so that she got the baby she wanted. Oh and by the way the person who did this baby was not a stranger on this forum and she participates in swaps that I have seen a lot. She took the baby apart. When she took the head off there was bloody gauze in the head. Now this is the problem we are trying to fix. This should never have been done and it is ridiculous that it should happen in the first place.
I am sorry if any of the questionaries or guidelines are bothersome anyone but if you had gotten a baby that had something like this in it how would you feel? We are not talking about a mistake an amateur like myself would make. I do not make the perfect baby and I will be the first to say this, I hate that people are turned off by some of the guidelines but this needs to be said and addressed. The person who sent this baby of course has not responded to these conversations either. This is not for someone who is just not happy because they did not like the style the artist used to do a baby that they would not do. this is for the ones who have a legitimate complaint.

I honestly, if I had gotten one like that would contact the person and let them know what I found and then out them, I am not sure how you tell about number of posts per month. If there is a way I think this is a good rule to follow. I did not receive the baby and I have been trying to get her to go public with her pictures. But if she refuses I can not make her. She is so upset with the whole mess already. There have been people ask not to be partnered with specific persons I was told so obviously this person if it is the same has been doing this a while now. No one has been upfront with the public and wants to say anything and have others to think she is a “■■■■■” or a snitch. I think this has gone on long enough and that is why we are working so hard at trying to solve the issue in the only way we know how. The person whose story it is wants not to be made known. I will say the offender has jumped into this swap and if she gets my name and she does what she has done in previous swaps I will post pictures and I will name her. There is no excuse to do the things she has and keeps getting by with doing. IF this makes me the bad person and I get ostracized for telling so be it. I hate when someone get hurts and is hurting and I can not do anything to help them. I think any decent human being feels this way. I sure wish I could oust her.

I will tell you ladies something I have not told but a couple of people and I will not say who did it but…I got a pm a few weeks ago telling me my work on my dolls was substandard and some helpful hints. I will say I was hurt and it still hurts but I am determined to improve to show them that I can do my babies and improve until there will be no excuse for someone to ever say that to me again. I was very hurt and then mad and then pissed and now determined. I have been reborning for less than a year. It will not be a year until November. I am the first to say I have lots to learn. I take classes on REAL website and buy the ebooks to follow and then add my own little touches to. I am trying and put my heart into my babies. I can take the critism, I have recently. I am striving to do better.

Well altho I agree to a point I think this is a compromise to try to get someone to name the person and you notice I did not use the term lady to get ousted and either shame her into doing what is right or make it know who she is so she can be publicly banned from swaps. I also think maybe this would be a good way for the artist to get a atta girl if she did a good job.

thank you Maggie, I appreciate the support. It seems so much conflict and it is so unnecessary if everyone just did what they should.

i would never, ever participate in one of these group swaps! no way, no how!! Sorry, but it is just asking for trouble. I am all for doing private swaps with someone you trust and you know will work as hard as you do. But lets be real here ladies, we don’t KNOW each other!!! We could walk past each other at the grocery store and not even know it!!! People live double lives online ALL THE TIME!!! Why do we TRUST each other??? And honestly, this person who " shows beautiful babies on teh forum" and then sends crappy ones… how do we know that she is putting up pictures of HER babies??? She could steal those pictures from ANYWHERE!!! People know how to work the system to get what they want. So what? someone made an investment to get some paints and a doll kit for a swap, took the time to “friend” all of the nice ladies on here and joined a swap and sent a crappy baby. So now she has exactly what she wanted, a beautiful reborn baby… for the price of a blank kit… over and over and over. And what is worse, is that she is probably selling those dolls for lots of money and calling them hers!!! WE DON"T KNOW!!! So those who participate in the swap better be prepared for the unexpected. There are scammers all over the place… even if we don’t want to admit it.

— Begin quote from “luv2Lrn”

This is all too bad-- there is no easy honest way to do a swap :0(

It’s almost safer not to–How about just have a Reborning Halloween contest for the different skills level, then everyone has fun and keeps their own dolls. If it is scheduled for before Halloween then the ladies would still have a chance to sell them. Just a thought :0)

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I agree with this. A regular contest with your own baby. I’m willing to dig in my kit closet and offer a BB kit as the prize.

ATTN: this contest is cancelled. I can not beilieve there has been such controversy over something so small as a critique form. It was well thought out and fair. If any of had gotten the baby some have gotten you would want protection also.