Half limb bodies?

Do those exist? I’m fixing up an Ashton Drake doll and her body is torn and stained. She isn’t 1/4 limbs, it looks more like half limbs. Is that a thing and does anyone know where I could find a new one for her? She’s probably 22 inches but I haven’t measured. Thanks!

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I am sure Roseann could make you one using a 1/4 limb body and then just make the limbs 1/2 limb length. That’s what I would do if I were sewing it but I do not have time to sew bodies to sell. I buy most of mine now days.


Thanks, I will look into that if I have to. I’m in Canada so getting custom bodies is a little pricey, so I’d like to avoid it if I have to. But it doesn’t look like I can find one anywhere so I may have to lol Thank you :slight_smile: I appreciate it

She can probably send you one first class so it wont be much.
She’s a member here but I find I can contact her quickly through facebook.

Probably, but the conversion between USD and CAD is usually the problem. I try to avoid buying from the US if possible to keep costs down. I will definitely consider that as an option, her bodies are super nice.

Irresistables has a 19-21 inch one.

I looked there but didn’t see it. Unless I’m putting in a big order, I don’t want to pay 50$ to ship a body lol A custom one looks like my best option, I think.

I could be wrong but I believe @Leabelle makes bodies and she is from Canada. She might be able to help you out, can’t hurt to ask.

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Yes I can make those and I am in Canada. My sewing machine is pack for my moving, I won’t be able to make anything until mid june. If you are not in a hurry, you can PM me.

Mid June sounds good to me. I need to sell a baby first before I’ll have the money. I will pm you when I’m ready :slight_smile: Thanks!