Hair with Rake brush

Let’s please talk about this. I’m trying and trying to get the hang of it. My paint is either too thick or too thin. Anyone have hints on getting the hang of this. I use very fine brushes one stroke at a time. I’d like to use a rake brush for a couple of layers and then add detail.

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It really just takes time, if you have a choice go thin and build, make your thickest layers your last layers. Cut up a bunch of cheap brushes, like your are texturing bangs (fringe)…I wonder if you could use a texture razor? I need to try that. When I started I just practiced on a limb with different brushes I made until I found one I liked and I still have it!!! Keep your hand and wrist loose, you can even try painting with you non dominant hand, you get that squiggle newborn wet hair. My first painted hair babies where awful, little by little they got better, still have a long way to go.

Play, Play, Play.


I think the consistency is the hardest part. Still is and I’ve been painting for years. I’m not sure I could give you any actual helpful advice since we don’t use the same paint.

My paint actually starts off pretty thin as I kind of map out what is going where. I separate out patterns within the hair with more pigmented paint (easy since I use air dry, water evaporates and leaves me with what I need). The very top layers are done with the smallest brush and are the darkest and thickest.

Practice really does make this easier. In the meantime you could sit with a test part. Every time you load your brush and you aren’t sure, try it out. It may be more time consuming, but at least you won’t ruin what you are working on.

Not sure if you saw the brushes I posted on IG not to long ago, but it’s what I settled on after using all kinds of rakes and whatnot. If you haven’t seen it and want to, let me know and I’ll tag you in the comments.


I had to google texture razor. lol, That could be a very neat idea. I’m trying so hard to be lose with my hands. They are almost 63 years old, so they aren’t nearly as flowy as they once were. I worked so hard with my hands all my life so that didn’t help lol. I am a bit ambidextrous. I’ll have to experiment! Thank you dear Gina for your advise and encouragement!!

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Yes! Consistency and the right way to trim my brushes that might work for me has been just crazy challenging. I definitely love the detail brushes. I just feel like after over 4 years I should be much more ahead of the game. I don’t think I saw your brushes. Yes, Please tag me girl and thank you!!


You are tagged.

It really does take time. Very few people just pop up and start painting amazing hair. Despite painting for about 6 years now, I still change how I paint hair. Recently I’ve been doing a decent amount of it upside down.

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Thank you! I’ll take a look now :slight_smile:

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Are these different from the comb brush?

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I don’t think so but hopefully someone will confirm that :sweat_smile::joy: