Hair that I've never used before

I bought some of this hair a while back but have never used it. I don’t even remember what kind it is…does anyone have a picture of a baby that they have used it on…will it be wavy still or straighten out if I use conditioner? Any help is appreciated…it’s very soft and very pretty, I’m sure it’s some type of mohair

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It’s very pretty. It looks like it will have a slight wave to it once rooted.
There are numerous varieties of mohair. Without more information it’s going to be difficult to find someone else that has rooted with this same mohair :slight_smile:

It looks like good mohair but there’s not really any way to tell where it came from. When I’ve used hair that wavy it does stay slightly wavy but less noticeable with sparse rooting.

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Sorry, but I am not even sure about some mohair in my collection; and I cannot think of anybody who uses blue rubber bans like these. Some mohair sellers have a special way they cut or lay out their mohair, and it helps. I wish they would all write or stick their mark on every package they sell. Only few do, and I have some that I bought almost 8 years ago; back then I went through eBay and ETSY and any other place I could find, and bought any mohair that I thought looked good. Just the other day I found little left-over in back of my cupboard, and it is just lovely, I would not mind getting more of it, but have no idea where it came from.