Hair stuff

hi everyone! What is the hair product yall said to get for styling the hair? I forget… I know it was something I could get at walmart!

I just use Johnson n Johnson baby detangler green bottle

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I was thinking something with a bit of hold… Like a gel?

I get a mild hair gel, I also use baby detangler and suave kids hair spray

Is it called something like ICE gel or similar? I can’t think of the name right now but I remember reading about it

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Clear ice?

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@AmyR777 is this the right one? @calimel? I think you both were the ones who were telling me about it. :heart:

I used to use silken child from Sally’s Beauty supply and I loved it. I cant find it anymore anywhere:(

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Thanks it CK!!! Bing bing! Silken child! :kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss:

It looks like it’s a discontinued product:-(

That wasn’t me on the gel. I use Silken Child. That’s been discontinued?

I don’t know… I searched all over online for it… And came up buckets!

It has been discontinued and I cant find it anywhere on the internet. That was the best hair stuff.

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So sad. :cry:

Well I was way off! When u said something with a hold and a gel, this is what came to mind, only hair gel stuff I’ve read about for reborning.

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I’m going to try it!