Hair rooting emergency

So, I decided to thin my baby’s hair and ended up with these little holes where the hair didn’t pull fully out. Is there anyway to fix that?

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I use tweezers or a lint roller.

I used tweezers to pull it out. I’ll try the lint roller. Ty!

Nope didn’t work. :disappointed:

Those little "holes are left by hairs that broke off before they pulled out all the way. What you are actually seeing is the dark hair still stuck in the vinyl. See if you can get a pair of fine tweezers at them from the inside. As a dire last resort ( I mean no other solution presents itself from a more experienced person), you can heat the vinyl and try to poke them through. I had to do that once. It turned out ok, but I decided to donate it to the nursing home anyway.

I wonder if you put a sponge on one of those hemostats with some glue and and let it dry a little then try to pull???


On the inside like you’re sealing the hair.

You could try pushing the hair back inside the head with a rooting needle.

Oh my! I have no advise but this is why I’m so afraid to root. I hope you can fix it :heartpulse:

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To make the holes shrink, you can pour hot water inside the head or heat the head. I usually heat the head, and it does work pretty good.

Melissa George recommends the wax removal method. Here is her pdf from patreon(she said we could share lol)
Step 1. Heat up the wax

Step 2. Apply the wax onto the doll head

Step 3. Remove the wax from the doll head… the image is blurry sorry


I fixed it as much as I can. The only thing I could do was adjust the hairline and add a little more hair to help it blend.


Beautiful rooting for the first timer! Great job! And if you would put a headband no one even would now that know that something went wrong. Can’t wait to see her put together!

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Thank you!! I will be able to put her together tomorrow!!! Yay!!!
I’m still not sure if it will be a He or she yet though lol.

Beautiful save of the hairline. I think he or she looks great!!! :smile:

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Thank you so much! :blush:

Looks like a pretty girl to me!
Did you varnish her before you did the hair?

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Yep! I’ll have her hair glue and magnets drying overnight.
I’ll just have to FINALLY watch a tutorial on how to assemble and weigh!! I’m so excited.


Yes, it exciting to cut the last cord - and baby is re-born! :hugs:

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Wow that is you first time rooting? You did a great job. I am so afraid to try. What size needle did you use…what type of hair…if you dont mind me asking.

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