Hair painting tutorials

Have any if you run across a good hair painting tutorial or class? I really want to learn to paint hair well.


Thanks @Sydster!

Thank you !

Thank you

Linda Moore

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@Cricket thought you might be interested in the videos linked above. I haven’t watched them yet but everything else I’ve seen of Jackie’s is great. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! ! I think I will give it a try!! (Still working on rooting Candy and praying I don’t run out of hair!!)
Making good progress though. Believe it or not I will be happy if I can just stretch it far enough to accomplish the swirl! I have learned a lot and would like to finish but if not, I will just buy a wig and move on! (This would be the 2nd time I ran out of hair!!!)<img

src="/uploads/db4141/original/3X/1/a/1a743ace0b029c07a238ab448f20e06940498d00.jpg" width=“281” height=“500”>

(I cut a few of her bangs to help avoid matting)

I am waiting for a wig right now. I have a Natalie that I have tried rooting and pulled the hair out twice. Now she is getting a wig!