Hair Painting by Evon Nather

Has anyone purchased the Hair Painting ebook / tutorial by Evon Nather from the DEDs 2014 show? She does beautiful painted hair and I would like to know how to do that but need some instruction. Just wondered if anyone had taken this class or used this information. Is it worth the price (if it’s still available)?


I actually bought it and I didn’t think it was worth the money. It just went through a few brush strokes and two mapping techniques.


WOW-----thanks so much, I won’t spend the money for it then. I was afraid of that—most artists aren’t willing to “share” their techniques with others. That’s what’s so great about our forum, everyone is so willing to share what they know. Thank You.


I think she’s teaching a hair painting class at ROSE.

Yes she is but unfortunately I won’t be able to take it. I sure wish I could.

I watched the tutorial that she was selling and she pretty much talks about the techniques and mapping the hairline. She does paint some awesome hair though and the ladies that have taken her class all loved her and her teaching.


Thanks Pia, I love the way she paints hair and I so wish I could take her class but I just can’t this year. It’s nice to hear you on the forum you’re not here too often anymore. Are you going to ROSE?


I would love to go to ROSE - probably won’t get there though. Between my almost 96 year old mother and my husband who is in rehab for a hip replacement (he comes home tomorrow), I barely find time to paint much less help others. This forum has a lot of ladies that are helpful and on the forum a lot more. If you need something, just @ me and I will get an email.


Thanks Pia, I’ll do that. I understand an older parent, my mom is 90 but still going strong, I go to her house every other day and take her to do what she needs. Glad your husband is coming home and seems to have gotten through the surgery well. Give him “Best Wishes” for a speedy recovery.