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Hi there! I just got a new doll. She’s really pretty, and rooted with nice mohair. My only problem is the mohair would look great on a Caucasian baby, but looks odd on her skin tone. I have a few nieces and nephews that are black or mixed and they always have product in the har to keep it looking shiny and always wet. I guess my question is if there is a product I can safely do that with, or will I just have to deal with the odd looking mohair?

There are other races of people who have darker skin and, by Caucasian hair, so you mean straight? If you mean straight or simply loose textures or loose wavy…there are other races that have darker skin with that type of hair: West Indians, Southeast Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans ect. You may mess up the hair by putting hair product in it. Also, there are a variety of features and hair textures for biracial babies…some biracial babies can be darker skinned with straight/loose hair as well. I wouldn’t worry too much. Do you have any photos of your doll? :heart:

It’s not that the hair is straight. I’m just saying that it’s an odd texture. I know that there are people with all types of hair, I’m just talking about the look I want. I’m an artist and I’m well aware it’s not safe to use lotion or the like in their hair. I’m just asking if anyone here has found a safe way to get that wet look safely.

Here’s a picture of my girl. There’s nothing wrong with the mohair, I’d just prefer the wet silky look

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Maybe the mohair on your baby is less textured than you would like or maybe it is “fuzzy”. I like the wet look on my babies. If you have some mohair conditioner I would “wet set” it. That just means you saturate the hair, you can use a little styling gel (check ingredients you don’t want alcohol to be one of the first ingredients). Style with a soft toothbrush and let dry. Mohair can be messy and does need a lot of care. I have very curly hair as do my kids, we use Shea hair smoothie, it kinda mellows out the fuzz but maintains the curl.

Does anyone know if liquid fabric softener is appropriate or safe for doll hair? Would that just be for synthetics only?

@Nikkiroc fabric softener?


I use Pink moisturizer and and Ricitos de Oro gel, it’s alcohol free.

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Alcohol free gel and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch. Could you share an after styling pic?

I was going to tag her as well I’m pretty sure she has lots of experience with Downy.


I use a leave in conditioner mixed with 1/2 conditioner and 1/2 distilled water. I always use this regardless of the texture of the hair. I don’t use a lot, but just enough to coat the hair. If I have used curly or wavy hair I comb the hair up and then start scrunching up the hair with my hands to create the curls. Once I have it styled I let it sit and dry. It leaves the hair soft with a little sheen.
Here is the conditioner I use:

Thank you all! The picture earlier was after styling and scrunching. The hair is incredibly soft and light, but has the side effect of floating everywhere. I’ll definitely try the recommendations to see what helps