Hair help

I have some quality mohair that looks BEAUTIFUL in the package, but as I’m rooting it, it’s coming out quite frizzy :frowning: it’s quite disappointing! This baby, as far as I’m concerned, is gorgeous and so is the hair, until I combine the two! What do you to tame it and make it look pretty once you get it in there? It’s pretty curly by the way.

I use a little fabric softener in the water as I root. It smooths and silkens it. After it is rooted and sealed a baby brush spritzed with water brushed through the hair and let dry will straighten it out,

I think all mohair is a little frizzy to some degree but once you spray and condition them it should look much better. I personally love the curly hair. I spray it with Silken Child, flip the head upside down, brush it away from the head, then lightly scruch it, and leave it upright or face down to dry. Can you post a picture so we can see if it is normal frizz or worse than normal so others might have better suggestions?

I got some detangler today, it’s helping a lot actually, but I still wish I was one of those hair rooters people go gaga over, lol. Here’s some WIP pics

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