Hair glued to scalp question

I’m new to reborning, but I have a few reborns I’ve purchased from artists. I was in love with rooted hair…until I got 2 babies with rooted hair. The hair is just falling out so badly. Just from putting hats on or changing clothes. If it’s not falling out it’s just fuzz. Looks good when I use the leave in conditioner until it dries and as long as I don’t move the baby.

My question is…I watch a tutorial on hair rooting, but this time the artist glued the hair to the scalp after rooting ( outside of the head not inside to hold the hair in place). Some of the hair was not glued and kinda raised from the scalp, but it looked really good. I don’t see any posts on here about glueing to scalp. Is this method not used? Is it an old method? Is it something more commonly found in cheaper dolls?
Would love to hair (kidding, hear) your comments.

Thx guys!!


I think people call it the applied hair method. See if that pops up.


It is called applied hair. @jlesser has done it.


Melissa George does it, she is a prototype artist.
I have done it 3 times now. Rooted then glued is way better than trying to glue down unrooted. ; )

(don’t do it this way :wink: not rooted )

(rooted then glued down with liquitex matte gel and a clean mascara brush, wiping off access glue as I go)

Latest applied hair same technique


I used mod podge matte and it was too shiny. It took a while for this doll to sell. I like how this looks so I will try Jens advise with the liquitex matte gel. But it’s nice because you can hold the fancy styling without it getting messed up every second lol


I love it!! Looks great. That’s what I’m going to try. Thanks Jen!?

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Looks really good Kate. I’m sold on the idea.


I like it! I need to try it one day!

Katie do you think it would be possible too more hair after it has been glued down, or would it be to hard to root through the glued hair? Kinda like the babies with painted hair that have Mohair on top?

Does the sealed hair stay nice if the baby is changed/held a lot or wears hats and hairbands? I just did my first baby with sealed hair and I’m nervous about selling it and saying it will stay neat. I also don’t know what kind of care instructions to include for the hair.

Good question

Does anyone have any suggested YouTube videos with painted hair tutorials?

Sorry I just saw this now- I think it would make the glue crunch so I wouldn’t try this- HOWEVER- That is with the mod Podge that I used— I am going to try this today with Angie’s Americana+ Corn starch recipe as a sealer. I put a layer of the sealer on the skin, and was able to root through it without a problem. I just rooted some hair on the rest piece and added another layer of the Angie’s recipe and it is drying now- I will let you know how it goes. The mod Podge was too shiny. This looks good so far.
I make crocheted items and I want to be able to use them on my dolls- I’m still learning hair painting but I am very comfortable rooting. Also I am making a doll to look like my son and he had baby fine hair at birth- so until I can paint hair I am going to try this out. I like to be able to change my personal babies clothing without having to fix their hair after

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Hi! Did you end up sealing an entire head with the Americana? I bought modge bodge, but after seeing this thread, im worried itll be too shiny haha


I did this type of hair for the eyebrows I rooted on Levi, I used the golden fluid matte medium, as it’s meant to be able to use for collage, the eyebrows are currently a little shiny but I plan to do another layer of the matte medium and pounce it until it’s a satin type matte if that helps?


Here it is again but I used Americana Soft Touch Varnish
I probably would do the hair thinner next time so I sometimes want a painted hair look like those tiny baby hair.



Ooh! Bumping this up so more people can see examples of applied hair!

I think it’s exciting to see an alternative to flyaway rooted hair and painted hair. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I tried this once. I liked the idea of it. It looked good but I hated the way it felt. I wouldn’t do it again.

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Did you find out how well it held up over time?

No, because I took it off. I really hated it. For me, reborns are all about how real they feel and that kind of hair just didn’t do it for me. @katieperry or @jlesser might know how it holds up.