Hair from Karman Dolls

Has anyone received any hair recently from Russia? I know they’re hung up because of Covid. I’m just trying to find out if orders are moving yet. Mine was placed March 7th and shipped on the 18th.

I’ve been waiting since February and I still do not have mine yet and my tracking hasn’t updated in forever

From usps

So it could be stuck there until September? I ordered enough for a custom toddler that’s almost ready for hair. I really don’t want to pay 3 or 4 times the price for another batch from the US, but it looks like I may have to.

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I ordered hair from Nestia on Etsy I think she is from russia and it arrived exactly 2 weeks after I ordered

She’s from Belarus directly next to Russia sorry But if there is an export issue in Russia I do not know.

I have not received the hair from Russia. I ordered it in March.

I ordered in March. Still waiting.

do you like the hair she sells? any chance you could add a link?

What colour are you looking for?

I ordered 2 dark brown (5 inch length), the ones that specify for reborning.

Hi iv just received my hair from Russia after a month of waiting so not to bad and the hair is beautiful and as described

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Same here. Screwed me up big time as I had custom orders and haven’t used any other mohair. I also ordered the first week in March. Weird thing is my friend ordered the hair from Karman at the same time and she got her shipment. I was told they are allowing small amounts through each month. But who knows.

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Well, that makes me nervous. I’ve been waiting for mine since mid March.

I have been waiting for mine since March also.

I was thinking about ordering. Please let us know when you get yours @Miraboo @jeanhai @Evee

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Will do!!

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I bought hair from golden fleece in hope it would be better since it was more expensive. Gosh it matted bad. It was easy to root but even being careful the hair matted when I rotated the head to root. I never had that problem with Karmans hair. Although the hair from Karman does have dead lice in it. How bad am I? I’d take lice over matted hair any day lol

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I just purchased from Golden Fleece since my Karman order isn’t coming in on time, it looks gorgeous! Hopefully that was a bad batch?

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Honestly I rooted so fast with it. Much nicer than Karmans to root with I thought. Had it not matted I would have never gone back to Karman. I wonder if the color had anything to do with matting? It was matting so bad the hair was being pulled out at the back as I was rooting the front. I wonder if I was doing something wrong? I had to fill in bald holes on this little guy. So sad because I really did love the hair.