Hair falling out

Last Christmas I sold a doll which was to be a gift for a nine year old girl. The mom has just got on to me to say the hair is falling out. She claims her daughter only brushed the hair with a soft baby brush as I suggested and that the doll was never mishandled. She sent pictures and the doll is certainly going bald! As this has never happened before I am convinced it was over brushing that caused the problem. I have offered to replace the hair …at a cost… but basically she wants me to do it free of charge. She is claiming there must be a ‘flaw’ in the glue used or in the vinyl. Her sister bought a doll for her little girl at the same time and apparently it is perfect. She sees this as a good argument for something being wrong with hers. I see it as a good argument for my opinion that one little girl over brushed. Can glue ‘break down’ and the hair fall out?
Please help! I dont have 20 hours to spare to redo the hair. And I’m not great at arguing my case.

I try to convince my customers to take a baby with a wig rather than rooted for a child. If they insist - ok - I then tell them I won’t be responsible for the hair if it comes out.

Boy - we sure need so many disclaimers to cover our butts.


I always send a care sheet that explains that these are dolls are collectibles not toys and I say so in my auctions also. This is what is on my care sheet:
Addendum- these dolls are not factory made- they are delicate works of art- and must be handled gently. Please keep this mind and understand that you are paying for the craftsmanship, materials and time I spent creating your baby. Please be respectful and understand that I cannot be held responsible for neglect /damage to the doll caused by the owner.
Also I just recently re-rooted a baby ( I made him 2 years ago) that was mishandled- the little girl (10 or so) slept with him each night. I charged $100 for the rooting, $25 for the mohair and extra for touching up the paint and then shipping.

Alpaca Hair can break off- and mohair can break off if rubbed too much over time- which is what happened to the doll I repaired. That’s why you shouldn’t handle them all day- day after day and sleeping with it- which is what she was doing.

If you have ever noticed a real baby with bald spots from laying on their hair, then you can understand why doll hair would go bald too. My son looked like he was a negative of the old fashioned monks with the ring of hair. He had a bald spot that went all the way around because he was always turning his head to see what was going on! I have problems keeping the mohair on my dolls from getting messed up and I play with them less than a 10 year old would. Sorry, I would have to tell the mother that it was normal for a reborn that is played with to lose hair. That you are not responsible for repairing something from normal wear and tear. That is the risk she took by giving her child a collectible. If it were a store bought item that wore out, do you think the store would replace it? No. Just imagine if she took her daughter to a store, saying that the shoes her daughter wore for two years look worn out so she wants her money back. They’d just laugh at her. Her daughter got enjoyment out of it while it lasted…which is priceless. If she wants that joy to continue, then she needs to pay for repairs. It isn’t the glue or the mohair or your technique, it’s normal wear and tear.

Thanks ladies

I think I just needed you moral support.
What I have done is told her I accept no responibility she actually admitted that the little girl uses velcro hair decorations etc] but as a gesture of goodwill I will order a wig for the doll. She quickly accepted! I think I have beeb taken advantage of , but hopefully thats the end of it.
Although my care instructions clearly state this doll is not a toy and not suitable for children, and I also specify only very gentle brushing with a baby brush,I think I will have to expand on them a little.
Thanks for all the valuable insights.

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I just listed two dolls and this makes me realize that I need to make up a care sheet. Does anyone have a copy?

A couple of things that I would add to that is that using a small amount of leave-in conditioner on the hair every few months will keep it softer and less frizzy. And that contact with ink from papers, labels, etc. will stain the vinyl (and the oxy didn’t work. ). The paint can also be damaged by contact with glue or tape (let the glue on the paci dry before trying it out!). Do not leave doll in car during hot weather for extended periods of time (not experienced by me but others). Do not leave doll in car without covering it as some people have thought it was a child.

I think I will have to add a little to my care instructions too!
Also I will have to stop using baby wipes! I usually have a pack close at hand for a final clean up after rooting. I use a gel pen to mark out my hairline and a wipe is great for taking it off when I’m finished. I never thought it might damage the vinyl !