Hailey, by Donna RuBert

Has anyone done this baby and if so do you have pictures. I have the kit and would love to try and make her look like the AA Prototype on BB but that might be only because I have never seen pictures of her.

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I’ve done this little lady. You can find her pics here…


She has my Mam’s hair :blush:


Ty She is sweet :slight_smile: how long did it take you to do her hair? When I think about taking Her out and getting her started I look at that huge head and I’m like humm maybe She can wait another few days haha.


Aw, thank you x

It was the first time I’d ever rooted human hair and it took me about three weeks to finish rooting her. The good thing I’ve found is to root one section of my rooting map at a time and, before you know it, you’re finished :blush:

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I have her but I bought Arianna limbs for her. I love her face, the limbs not so much. I haven’t reborned her yet.

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where did you get the limbs from?

Irresistibles has full limbs for 28 inch dolls by Adrie Stoete but they’re $79.99. I don’t remember where i got mine but i don’t think i paid that much. Tibby or Kitten limbs should work too. They all have similar head sizes. It’s really the body that adds the length.


This is mine. She:s not rooted. I used a wig.


she is so cute