Had to share my SO's reaction to newest baby

My SO is not a baby person and although she is supportive of my hobby and doesn’t care at all that I collect either, but she does not interact with the dolls whatsoever. She is incredibly picky when it comes to dolls she thinks are cute. She hasn’t liked any of the three I’ve made so far :joy:. I sent her a few pictures of the baby I’ve been working on almost finished and got this response!

So I must be improving, right? :joy: Just thought it was fun and wanted to share.


That IS a cute baby!! :heart: It’s so rewarding to receive compliments from really those you never expected to hear from. I know when I was working on one a few days back my friend walked in and was like WOW your doing great!! that made my entire day. And he for one is creeped out by dolls.


You must have been beaming from ear to ear I know I get really excited and feel all warm and mushy inside when one of my family members recognize my work :heart_eyes: my husband tells the guys at work about all the baby parts all over the house and gets a kick out of telling them about the heads in the oven but he won’t show anyone them


That is a huge compliment! And it’s so important to be supported!
My SO is my biggest cheerleader and supports me tremendously to the point that he wants to keep all babied that I create :rofl:.

You still impress me so much with your speed. It took you 2 days (nights) or less?


That’s awesome! It’s always a great feeling when someone who doesn’t normally like reborns finds one they connect with. My mother is also very picky about which dolls she thinks are cute (although she always appreciates the sculpting artistry). When I show her one that she actually likes, it’s really gratifying!

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I definitely felt very mushy inside! She can be very critical so this made me very happy. I take more stock in what she says about them because she doesn’t already automatically like them. My grandmother is the worst to ask for opinions because she loves them all and thinks they’re all great. :joy: But my SO will straight up be like “why did you do the lips this color, you ever see a baby with lips that shade?” etc. Usually in a nice way. :joy: A lot of the time it’s the sculpt itself that she has issues with. She raged about Kate for a solid 10 minutes. Then helped me decide how to do her hair pattern.

@YelenaRey It took me two nights at work, yep. I did the painting all in one day, varnished, let it set while I slept, then last night was all eyebrows, nails, lashes, and hair. It really helps if we aren’t too busy and with the air dry I just work in a round so each wash/ mottle layer takes maybe 8ish minutes, the blue shading, creases, and the veining take me longer. So 20ish hours of work? I stuffed the body and weighted it while I was waiting for hair layers to dry. Now he’s apart again and waiting for everything to cure before reassembling him. I just want to see what they look like put together so badly. Quick few pics, some cuddles, then apart he went. I don’t know if it’s necessary but I figure it gives the paint and varnish time to cure without touching anything if I do it that way.

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LOL, definitely listen to your SO and not your grandma. I am grandmother myself and trust me, my grandbabies can’t do nothing wrong! :joy:

Yep, you are super speedy. Now I know what nurses do when they disappear forever and patients sit in a half open gown and shiver :laughing:

I’ve read on this forum that air dry paint takes a long time to cure afterwords, so you are doing it right by letting it sit.
Your Liam wanted me to look at my Liam that I donated to a foster child, so they kind of siblings since both of them came from my closet :slight_smile: .



Yes both of my grandmothers are the same way. I’m both side of the family’s oldest and first grandchild so I’ve been hanging the moon for them for 30 years now haha! I’d be nowhere without their love and support.

Hehe! When we aren’t playing cards we are making babies. :joy: I am lucky Saturday night I just had one ER patient, and Sunday just two. And they were both easy peasy, non emergent.

Aww they are twins then! That’s so cute. Your Liam is such a sweetheart. I never would have thought to paint this one but I love the sculpt now. So sweet and tiny! And SO cuddly! Great choice for one to donate to a child.

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