Guidance Needed 😊

Okay everyone, at the risk of sounding completely ridiculous, can someone explain which direction the rings are supposed to face when placing them onto the limbs/neck of the doll baby? Also, do I only matte my doll once or multiple times?

Thanks so much!



Small part up



Thank you so much!!!

It’s not ridiculous, I didn’t know either lol. Also, thin layer of matte and bake and cool a few times. I only put a little more if I see a spot I missed. Also, maybe matte one side bake, flip and do the other. Then go back and bake when cooked again.


Aaaawww, thank you! I am glad I am not the only one. I could not find a YouTube tutorial regarding ring placement. Thanks for answering the matte question too! I thought so, but was not 100% certain. Now, if only I could figure out how to do eyebrows! Haha!


Eyebrows always take forever!! Just brush light strokes with a little brush.

Yes, I have attempted with brown colored pencil and although that looked really good, I was concerned about not using paint, so I took them off. Now, I am using brow brown and blonde and have wiped them off about 6 times. That is all that is stopping me from beginning to root hair. Eventually, I will get it figured out though. :blush: