Guess who!

Guess who is going to be released THIS WEEK!!!

We finally get to release some new babies! Our inspectors are working on this little man right now. I’m aiming for tomorrow for his release. :slight_smile:



I love this little guy. I am excited for his release.


Exciting news!


OH!!! I am soooo excited!!!


Awesome! Michael is one of the babies I have been anticipating :slight_smile:

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Exciting but I’ll have to wait bit to order kits cause got to order a car part also and the dad of the family I babysit for going to help me work on car

Love all the new babies comming our soon

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Same boat! Behind on so much stuff and I over bought kits when I shouldn’t have thinking I’d be selling by now booooooooo. Whoops!

I’m not buying anymore until I sell one.

Unless it’s Christopher. I need him :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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YAY!! I neeeeeeed this kit!

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Oh my goodness I love his chubby little fists!

You do know that the unspoken reborn artist code states that when ordering from bountiful baby, you MUST order at least two or three kits at once to take full advantage of the flat rate shipping they offer… right? :wink: You’d better start thinking about who else you want to get your hands on. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m in love with the Christopher kit also. Also need to get Leilani yawning when available also I donate a doll for a friends daughter birthday every year and she wants Leilani for next year.

Just got to think of needs also 2 year old pulled the front symbol thing off my car yesterday so that will be an easy fix but it broken and doesn’t reattach so ordered new one and the dad will put it on for me.

Other stuff car issues will have to wait cause new transmission, brakes etc

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I usually order 1-2 kits at a time if can and then the bodies and other supplies needed I like getting the kit and bodies at the same time if in stock at moment

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Yay!! Great news!
Thank you Jessica!!

I’ve been waiting for this one!!! I hope they have enough and dont sell out right away😣 I always miss them

Which one is this? I get confused !


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Thank you!

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