Guess who just arrived....*BOX OPENING*

Wow, has it been a long wait! But it was so worth it. At least, I think so. :slight_smile: Ready to see who I got? :wink:

My camera’s pics are too large to upload onto here and I don’t have the time to resize them all. So Photobucket will have to do lol. Click the left arrow to view in order.

Click here for Box Opening


He’s SO cute! Congrats on your new baby boy!

LOVE HIM!! :heart_eyes:

Thanks @demonicchic12 and @cajuncuties! He’s amazing, especially for being an older baby. I think he was painted in late 2010 by Kate of Teardrop Nursery. :blush: So in love with this little guy!

Congratulations on your new baby boy! He looks so comfy in his new bed. :slight_smile:

Thanks @AmyR777!

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I can’t get to the video. Is there something I need to do? Help!!!

It’s not a video, it’s a Photobucket album. :slight_smile: You should just be able to click on the link in my first post?

I was still new to reborning when Jayden came out. My reborning friend tried to get me to order one, but I wasn’t privy to the names of the popular artists or the meaning of LE kits back then and chose not to order it. Little did I know… :disappointed:


He is adorable.

Yeah I found about reborns just after Jayden sold out. I’ve always loved his little face most out of any kit I’ve seen but never even thought about getting one…the blank kits alone cost hundreds! :grimacing:


Thank you!

I did but it just went to the photobucket home page and I don’t know how to find it from there.

Congrats!!! Yay!!!

hes really cute congrats

Thank you @Nikkiroc and @clilley!

@heartstringsnursery hmm I’m not sure. It should take you to the first pic. Maybe try a different device?

I’ll do that. Sometimes my mac doesn’t behave well. i’ll try it on my husband’s windows computer.

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Yep. It was a mac thing. Congratulations on your new little man. He is adorable. You are a lucky mommy. You’ll have to post photos when you take him on outings and stuff. Enjoy your baby!

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Congrat new mommie!!

Thanks so much @heartstringsnursery and @Angel!

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