Grumpy Sage is Now Available! New 4 Month old kit!

Good afternoon!

We have the most adorable new release! Grumpy Sage is available now. Her release is featured on our home page at: She would make the perfect twin for Happy Sage (who is also featured on our home page now).

It’s so hard to pick a favorite out of all the cute expressions Sage made. I adore her happy face a lot, and something about Grumpy Sage just pulls at my heartstrings so much! Sage always made the cutest grumpy face.

We also have a sweet “Playful” and “Sleepy” Sage expected sometime this summer. You can see all of her kits here: Search: 3 results found for "sage kit" - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)*.

You can see an adorable video from Sage’s photo session here: Realborn® Sage - 4 Month Real Baby Footage - YouTube. Sage has such a fun personality! She is always looking for ways to make us laugh. We couldn’t imagine life without our “baby bug”, as big brother Canon calls her.

(real Sage’s mommy)




Yay! I had to get one :grin:


I got one for someone else, who is a little busy right now spending money on a real baby! :wink: :blush:

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That was nice of you

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I would like to paint happy and grumpy sage sometime I think he cute together.

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Got her! I’ve been waiting on this one.

Already sold out. Dang!:disappointed:

They have her in seconds!


So cute!

Looks like new factory but soft vinyl. A slight smell and I see NO painted spots.


Guess I was WRONG!

My 2nds kit and many others had/have painted over areas. (mine was on 1 leg)


@bountifulbaby will you please stop selling painted kits as seconds? You are asking us to take a major chance. It’s like a scratch off lottery kit. There’s no way to know if there’s a winner or a loser under that paint. Mine has random black dots and gray smudges, as well as a very thin area of vinyl. Others have yellow kits under there. Some are fine. But you know the reason the factory painted them was to cover up some kind of unacceptable flaws. So it’s unfair to expect customers to have to take chances wondering what flaws are under there. The painted parts need to be test parts. Not seconds parts. Seconds kits are supposed to have minor flaws that can be worked around. But there’s no way for you to know if there are minor flaws or major flaws under that factory paint.


I would NOT have bought the 2 seconds of Sage Happy and Grumpy if I had known the factory paint was on them. I have a few from last batch of Ruby, Sage NB and Blake… I tossed into my paint test bin. The yellowing on the face is not easy to work with.



Would you be willing to sell one of the 4 month grumpy Sage? My customer really wants one. I paint AA so the coloring won’t bother me.

I would. But mine has a really really thin crease. You can’t really tell in pics. But this looks like it could split really easily. I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting anyone try to reborn this kit. If you use heat it could split while baking. Even if you don’t use heat it could split while rooting or stuffing it. It’s that top crease along the back of the neck.

Well, I certainly appreciate your honesty. I do bake so this would probably breakdown very easily.

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That’s the problem with buying a painted over kit. You can’t tell until you strip it. Someone else may offer to sell you one. Then you may get it and find out there are flaws they didn’t see. :cry: