Grrr eyebrows

I can’t seem to get them right. Should I redo them or go with what I have? Also would you add any washes to this baby? Anything I should do before varnish and eyelashes?

guess a picture would help


They seem uneven but the brow bone on this kit is higher on one side.

This is one of the prototype pictures. Seems they are not even here either. Of course I think mine looks weird and they look perfectly normal uneven here.

Actually…I think slightly different eyebrows is more natural looking. Our eyebrows, in fact our faces, are not symmetrical. I think the eyebrows you did look good. Such a sweet face. Eyebrows define the expression and personality a lot I think.


She’s had 3 burnt umber but I’ll add another, she still seems so pale. How do I make salmon?

I agree! Eyebrows with a slight difference looks more realistic! I think yours are nice!

Thank you so much for the recommendation of a salmon wash. I found instructions for mixing it on another site and just washed my doll. She looks so much better.

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I removed her eyebrows… will try again today.