Grieving mother needs reborn made, can anyone help?

Hi ladies,
I had a grieving mother reach out to me to make her a reborn. I have too many other orders and this one is beyond my skills. The baby has some abnormalities she would like copied if possible. I explained to match the baby exactly would mean remolding a kit or molding a new kit. Anyone do that on here or know of someone I can send her to? I have a picture of the baby but was unsure if it was ok to post. Let me know what you suggest. Thx

My opinion is to just barns the photo to artist who would consider working with her .

Maybe you could ask her if it’s okay to post a picture. It would be pretty hard for someone to gauge whether or not they could do it without seeing it.

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I wasn’t sure if BB would have an issue. The mother already gave permission. She has a lot more photos she can share but this one shows more detail she said. The baby also had a club foot.


Aw sweet baby💕 poor mama. I hope she finds what she’s looking for.

If a reasonable face match could be found, heating and reshaping the vinyl may be possible.

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Oh goodness. What a beautiful baby.

Looks a tad like Ashley asleep and you can twist the leg while it’s hot.


I thought exactly this

Out of curiosity would the mother be willing to have a clay sculpt? I could potentially sculpt a little one, or even limbs for a little one. I can’t garuntee that I could paint, but I would love to offer my sculpting skills potentially if no one steps forward. Grief is one of the hardest things a mother can go through. Also a quick note, many of Marita winters mini heads would have a likeness to the baby.


What a beautiful babe. I see some resemblance in the face to doll kits but I am not sure about limbs. How big was this sweetie?

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If she would be okay with a clay sculpt, I also just thought of Chenza’s babies on instagram. She sculpts and specializes in features that make babies unique. I believe she has done portrait sculpts before and is incredibly talented!

Unfortunately Chenza hasn’t taken customs for a while now. I wanted her to sculpt my angel baby but she’s just too busy to take more customs. Maybe she could work on this special project, but I don’t know

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That poor lady! I can’t help with a reborn but I will certainly lift her up in prayer.


Some great ideas. If you feel you can help her can you email her at Her name is Jacoba Bloom. I let her know she will be receiving some emails. Thank you all.

She did say the size of the baby sorry Rebecca