Green eyed Shyann

Hi, I am getting a Shyann kit and was going to do the dark blue gray newborn eyes but I kinda wanna do the green. I am getting the BB eyes. Has anyone made/ seen a baby made with the BB green eyes?
I am worried they will look too fake, or too bright so it looks weird, or do they look natural?

The green eyes that BB sales in my opinion do not look great on the babies, Older toddlers or child dolls they are okay but not newborns. I just did a baby with Green eyes and used these
DBS Reborn Supplies, Doll Kits, Doll Supplies, Doll Accesories, West Lawn, PA? … ail&p=6842They are the woodland green so they do not overwhelm the baby.

Hi, I ended up just going with the newborn gray blue.
I might save the green for a toddler. I was just too worried they’d be too bright

Here are links to photos of babies I reborn with BB green eyes. I agree they are not realistic newborn eyes.

Kaycee - SOLD 11/09 by Angie Jones
Bonnie Chyle

I’m seeing more babies here of late with the Chuck Hazel eyes from Eyeco. They are really beautiful and not overpowering. I wish BB still sold the Eyeco eyes or extended their color selection to include a similar version. I also wish they would carry more glass eyes.
LilDumplins~Love your reborn in your signature. What sculpt is it?

Thank you! That is Sydney Pigott.

BB used to carry Eyeco eyes but when they started making their own BB eyes they stopped. I wish they would come up with a chuck hazel too. When I buy Eyeco eyes I get them from jasminescottage on Ebay.

I’ve ordered from her and also directly from Eyeco. Not really much difference in price and both times with Eyeco the shipping was really slow. I had to email the first time because it had been over two weeks;( They were a little better the second time~only 1 week. Still slow considering it is coming from Alabama, I think.