Great needles

Great news - maybe at some point her supplies can be available at one of the dealers here.

Is there an english site? my German is not up to par.

I want to order those needles. I must go check my baby $$ fund.

— Begin quote from “MadewithLilysLove”

Is there an english site? my German is not up to par.

— End quote

If you use Google Chrome it will automatically translate it for you. If you, use google web translator (the one that translates the whole page at once).

I’d need translation as well, they sound wonderful. I just purchased some 46G European Crown Rooting needles from H…Buns. Are these the same thing? They were listed as very strong

My fingers are too old to handle those pinching positions for long! Actually, it is probably the fibromyalgia but I love my mushroom tool. I haven’t tried the super thin needles yet although last night for the first time I was wishing I had a couple 42g ones. I’m on Firefox right now (trying out different internet providers) and it doesn’t have the automatic translate that I can find.

I haven’t tried glass eyes. Maybe I’ll splurge someday on a doll for me. But as for selling, I don’t know as I’d make enough to cover the extra expense. The market is so flooded that I’d have to do some research before I take that next step.