Great artist

I came across this Artist on Reborns, I honestly don’t spend much time scrolling through so you all are probably all well aware of her but I adore her work her style, and her prices are amazing! I s she on here as a member? I would own one of her babies in a heartbeat!


Wow, that Chantelle is gorgeous! :heart_eyes:


Yes her babies are so beautiful I love her style

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Yessssss…love her work!


I love Donna and her babies! And you would not believe that she is reborning just for a little over a year!
She is a member here, but ‘behind the seen’, if she need to find some advice - this is what she told me.
She is the one that I wanted to buy Ruby (and so many other babies from). Her Ruby is the best I’ve seen!

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I am going to go look at her Ruby!

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