Grant AKA Bobby went shopping today Update Amelia had her turn

So this is only my third time taking my babies out in public two out of three have been a great deal of fun and this is one of the two.
First I loaded him in his car seat and gave hubby the news that we were taking one of the kids out today and as usual he was a good sport.

Once at the store I decided to lose the baby seat and just carry him in so he could sit in the cart that way he would be exposed for all to see .
we went to the toy isle first .

I have to say he was a hit I had people cooing all over him and I even got the question can I touch him ? They wanted tio be sure he was not real . WIN big compliment :smile:
We then headed off getting ready to leave when I spotted another photo op cute big pillows for Bobby to look at and let more people visit with him .

All in all I give this outing a big fat ten .
PS. Think Amelia has an outing in the plans :wink: Scroll to the bottom for Amelia’s shopping trip while you are here .


Love it. Haven’t been brave enough myself to do that…yet.

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What fun! :blush:

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Oh yeah you have to try it and make certain the baby is really visible :wink: you will be amazed at the reactions lol , one little girl was smiling ear to ear I had to go over and give her a closer look .


It’s so much fun to take them out. You just can’t do it when you’re in a hurry. I usually take each baby out before listing it to get objective opinions as to how real they look.


Yes I am finding out just how much fun it can be , also I think perhaps the bigger babies are more fun for me the tiny ones do not get near the attention .
And it definitely helps to hear those words I thought it was real :blush: I am pretty sure I will be taking my Amelia out shopping in the near future .


Amelia went clothes shopping and Wow she got more attention than Bobby :smile:

She didn’t get the coat however it was very tempting it was marked way low I just couldn’t justify buying her a coat today .

She had her eye on the candy at the checkout but she didnt get that either dont want to ruin her pearly whites Lol .

I even had a woman asking for how much one of these little ladies would cost , I will be sending her pictures of some of my babies I am willing to part with .
PS. Had a stalker following me she did not care for how I was handling my little girl in the cold weather I could not shake the woman :blush:
I had several coming to the cart for a better look and say aha had to be a doll she was too still lol guess I will have to work on that .


Near future got here fast :smile: went back today now i’m wondering which one is next lol .

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Great pics! Such a fun post to read! :grinning:

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Thanks I tried not to run on too long but did want to share some of the highlights :smile:

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