Got my sale kits today and noticed something

I got Reese, Dominic and Joseph. Does anyone other than me think that Reese’s mouth and nose in person looks just like Asher’s? This has got to be his sibling! Anyways, I love all 3 of the kits but I am especially fond of Dominic!


post a photo! I’d love to see Reese’s mouth close up as I’m considering getting him

Really love the realistic eyebrows on this prototype of Reese.


Definitely looks like Asher. Very cute, but I haven’t seen him in person yet. He’s one of the few that wasn’t on sale when I bought my last mountain of kits. :blush:

I haven’t had my hands on a Reese kit yet but yes, I love his special little mouth! So sweet!

I wanted Reese, I put him in my cart but I waited to check out because I wanted to make sure I got everything I might want in one order because of shipping.

I am glad he looks like Asher, because I love Asher!! I love
Asher’s nose

Here are comparison photos of my blank kit against a couple Asher pics I had on my laptop


Reese and Dominic are my favorite kits! Hard to decide which I like better lol :heart_eyes: