Gorgeous Realborn Trent on eBay, Prototype by Bianca Franke!

Adorable New Trent Prototype, by Bianca Franke

This amazing Trent prototype is on eBay now. You can check out his auction here: PROTOTYPE Realborn Trent by Bountiful Baby, Reborn Baby by Bianca Franke, | eBay He is perfect in every way. Just check out that amazing skin detail and his perfectly rooted hair!

Trent’s kit is also perfection, with the most adorable profile and sweetest face. His wrinkly knee, too, and those hands! Need we go on? Check out his amazing kit for yourself: Realborn® Trent Sleeping (20" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)

Realborn Trent is about 20 inches long when completed and has full limbs. You can see darling video of the real baby here: Realborn® Trent - Incredible real baby footage - YouTube

Have a wonderful evening,
Bountiful Baby


@bbsupport Did the kit already sell out or has it not been released yet? The post is unclear…

@bountifulbaby ?

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I will answer though I dont work there. Then if Jessica jumps back on she can correct me or add more detail :slight_smile:

Their listings say sold out even if the kit has not been released yet


I know but the post makes it sound as though the kit is available, so I wasn’t sure. Usually BB will mention a release date in these posts but since he was slated for March (if I recall correctly?) just wanted to check and get some clarification :heart:


@jlesser can you tell I’m eager? :joy:

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he is super cute

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Ah never mind, website says April or May :slight_smile:

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PLEASE put a nicer fitting diaper on your version…


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I just finished saying that diaper is way too huge


I promise! Haha

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Trent has not been released yet. We don’t expect him for another month or two. His kit was delayed.



The face is very cute, but I’m not a fan of that straight leg. Straight legs aren’t nice to cuddle and don’t pose as well. Even in the prototype picture it looks odd.

True, but I also think there are some poses that would work better with the straight leg, this is definitely not one of them. Also the diaper isn’t helping this photo at all,lol.
He is so cute though :heart_eyes:


Looks like one of those German puffy cloth fitted diapers. Explored those when my son was a baby.

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100% :wink: