Goodwill find

I found this sweet little one ready for the trash at my local goodwill. she’s in really rough shape. Does anyone have any suggestions for her head, besides a wig. I’m not sure what happened with her head. Thanks!!


have you tried heating a spot on the back of the head to see if whatever that is will soften enough that it can be scraped/peeled off? The rest of her, what I can see, seems okay. Is that hair under the stuff that looks like plastic or was there hair on top of it?

There was a human hair wig piece glued down…I’m pretty sure the black spots are the glue. Not sure why the whole head looks like it’s got dents and divots from it. I’m thinking I’ll probably just have to find a cheap wig to replace it with.

I’m pretty sure this is a Tinneke Janssen baby and is well worth fixing if you can. They’re hard to come by these days. The dents just look like really thick glue to me. It may soften and come off if you soak it in boiling hot water. It would be easier than trying to glue anything to all those lumps.

This might sound crazy, try a dremel tool. Back in the day when I did berenguers with painted hair grooves, I would sand them down smooth and it also remove the paint. Then I was able to root

I tried that once on a Berenguer and ended up with a lot of little dents instead of grooves. I couldn’t get it smooth enough for the life of me. Now I just strip the factory paint and root over them. I’m not sure about dremeling this head, especially when she doesn’t know what it is that will be flying around. It’s pretty thick, whatever it is.

Oh I know what you me, I had it happen too but I learned how to set a lower power and take my time. I did quite a few dolls with it and had good results.