Good news/bad news What do you think?

The good news is somebody just paid for my Kammie. The bad news is she lives in Bogota, Colombia. How big of a hassle would it be to ship it? I’ve only sent one out of the country and that was to Australia. Have any of you been ripped off oon an international sale?


I don’t know… But Bogota is amazing. I love it there:-)

I have shipped international and never been ripped off…but I don’t ship to many Europe or UK any more because of the custom charges they impose…is very disappointing for a lady there to pay for a doll and the high shipping cost to receive it only to find that they have to pay extra due to custom charges as well so I just don’t bother shipping there any longer…Most times you can warn them there is custom cost but most that I have dealt with don’t check it out and get a bit of a shock when they are up for another $100 or so before they can pick up their parcels…not sure about Columbia…I think Heartstrings does a lot of international post…she may can help… :smile:

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I always try to check it out and warn the customer of impending custom charges and extra shipping costs.

I’ve never shipped to Columbia, so I’m not sure…I know there are some countries where postal services are not all that great and packages get lost easily… :+(

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I have shipped to Columbia a few times. It wasn’t a doll, but my custom ornaments and had no problem.