Gonna have to hide my stash!

So I guess it’s been awhile since my family has paid attention to what I’ve been buying. Today my oldest daughter tells her sisters that they need to have an intervention ! What?? Why?? I need all those kits , they were on sale !!


Lol hide them now!! Hehe


I may have to , they’re gonna cause me to be sneaky !! Lol

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Hahahaha! you are so funny!

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Ha Ha Annie…I had been watching the sales for Crystal (just had to have her) and when she did appear there a week ago, I asked my daughter to buy her for me and have it shipped to her house, just so my husband wouldn’t know that yet ANOTHER kit was invading our tiny home. I was totally prepared to reimburse her for the purchase, but I received Crystal as a birthday present just this past weekend :smiley: Good thing my daughters understand my addiction because my Hubby just shakes his head LOL


My hubby encourages me. I’ll be trying to talk myself out of buying yet anotheay " well why don’t you just get it." Of course then I do! But, with the guilty exception of their clothing, my dollies have been paying their own way for some time now. No profit, but no loss either.


My Hubby is like yours too,Helen…doesn’t even care how many kits come through…kits mean something to keep me occupied…He knows if I run out of things to do I would go stir crazy…I buy them from my profits anyway…my doll money is separate from household so I pretty much do what I like with it and I LIKE buying doll kits and baby clothes so have a steady flow coming through all the time…we’ll just say that the post office knows me VERY well…lol…which reminds me…need to go online and see if there are any good sales on baby clothes anywhere at the moment… :smile: