Golden paint cure time?

Does anyone know how long it takes golden air dry paint to cure? I have a baby I want to seal with genesis matte varnish but I’m not sure how long to wait before doing so.


@RebornsbyZebra will know.

2-4 weeks is the official cure time on air dry paints. Most of them on dolls can be heat set to seal after 2 weeks unless you put lots and lots of layers of paint.

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Do you think it would be okay to heat set on them at about a week or is that a no-no?

Cure time really depends on the weather. If it’s humid, it takes longer. Dry, it takes less. I force dry mine in between layers with a blow dryer. They generally don’t take long to cure.

It is definitely dry here. Maybe I’ll try a test piece and see how it goes!

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It would depend on the amount of humidity in your home, temperature etc. Force drying with a hair dryer causes the water to evaporate from the paints quicker and thus dry to the touch faster. However, cure time is about the paints bonding to the vinyl and the pigments stabilizing enough that they would not turn orange when heat set. I have done it after 1 week before but I have also had paint to take on a warm/orange tinge from heat setting too quickly.

The one drawback with air dry is waiting to seal it just as if you painted a painting. Hard to do but it’s better to wait than to ruin a doll. Unfortunately some of the older tutorials leave that out. Personally I would wait two weeks with any air dry paints.

This is why I have multiple kits in process at the same time at different stages.