Going to be away for the week

just wanted everyone to know that we are leaving tomOrrow to go on a short vacation with my Sis and may not be able to answer any PMs or e-mails till end of next week .
I have several Mo-hair orders to do when I return and well also be working on more colors as the selection is getting slim -so stay tuned for that.
See ya all when I get back -I will miss ya !!!

Have a great trip and Happy Thanksgiving!

Lucky you! Have a great time and be safe. happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


First, have a safe and happy trip/visit with your family and a wonderful Thanksgiving. Also, I wanted to say thank you for the video on gray-peach vinyl as I just purchased a BB kit Sienna who has just that coloring and I’m grateful I saw your video before I started. I am really new to this and am ruining a few dolls along the way, but I will persevere! I’d love to find a class somewhere nearby where I live, but I haven’t stumbled on any recently.

Cher, have a super great time!!!

Ginny—Where do you live? Maybe someone here is near you and you could connect with them. Everyone is very helpful here.