Going crazy while waiting!

I ordered a custom Lil Yawn last July, and the artist said it would take 10 weeks… I thought the baby would be home just before I left to go back to school, but he was not. The artist kept working on him, sending me WIP pics…

November came around, and I asked if I could get him home for winter break, and she said she’d try to finish him. But I’m flying back to school on Sunday, and he’s still not ready!

The next time I’ll be able to come home is most likely going to be around May. I told her there’s no real rush anymore, since I wouldn’t be able to open him until then anyway, but I’m still a little vexed. The original time quoted was 10 weeks! I really just want to see my baby!

Thanks for letting me vent. The artist is really nice, so I’m not mad… just sad :frowning:

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I just checked our old messages and she actually only said 8 weeks originally… and she just posted on Instagram that she’s taking a leave of absense for health reasons.

Is this normal? Or am I being too patient with this?

I think too patient. It has already been 6 - 7 months.

I think paypal covers you for 6 months… may check into that… :frowning:


I would ask for my money back and see what she does


Yes i believe she is covered for 6 months.

Now this makes me nervous for you!
How is your doll not ready yet? You’d better get stern with that artist.


Thanks for your advice, ladies! Part of the issue is that this was a partial trade-- I sent her my full-size Ofelia and Luna kits, and paid a little more in exchange for a custom. I just sent her a message asking if we can come to some sort of agreement… hopefully things will work out :sweat:


Update: she can’t pay me back, so it looks like I’m just going to have to wait until this summer to see the baby. He’ll have been an 11-month custom :confounded:

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I sure hope he is perfect when you get him. I would honestly ask for her to replace the kits you sent her and give back my money. I have health issues but if it was going to be that long I would have just paid you back. She should have never touched the other kits until she finished your custom. [quote=“teacupbears, post:6, topic:71752”]
out :sweat:

That’s crazy . I know life happens but this many months for one doll ??

Ugh, that’s horrible.
Do the work in progress pics look good? Or is she just trying to scam?
I don’t get why she can’t pay you back. She could have sent her work in progress and the kits you sent.

I thought I was bad saying I need a month for a custom. How terrible that she has made you wait for so long!

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The progress pics look good. She’s definitely not scamming me.

I think she must be a government employee, because she mentioned that the shutdown was draining her funds.

I’ve decided just to “go with the flow,” so to speak. I’ll get the doll eventually…

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That is NOT an excuse! The shut down is few weeks old, and anyway, how does that stop her from painting your doll? On the contrary, if she is not working she has the time.

Of-course, she is scamming you. But as you do know her address you can tell her you want your doll within 4 weeks, or you will be handing the matter to police. Even if you paid her in kind, she still has certain value in $ and you have nothing. I hope you kept all the receipts for posting the kits, and communication of her admitting they arrived.


I am going to have to agree with @ludmila that is more time than an actual pregnancy!! I mean… Goverment shutdown has only been a few weeks… Does the artist have any feedback with others that you can get in touch with and see if they have had similar situations? I am just worried you are getting scammed at this point. 11 months?! …


You are being way too patient and way to nice. That wait time is ridiculous!

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I’m fairly sure she’s not (technically) scamming me… i think the government shutdown mention was in regards to her not being able to pay me back, not the length of time she was working on the doll. She has good feedback with others, and the WIP pics she sent are legit.

Honestly, I think I’m going to wait this one out. I do have proof of sending the kits and everything, but I’d feel bad about forcing her to give me money if she doesn’t have it right now. Part of it is my fault after all, since I won’t be able to get home till May. And I’d rather be too patient than not patient enough.

If any of you have pics of your own Lil Yawn kit, feel free to post them here! It would be great to see others while I wait, lol :slight_smile:

Thank you! :blush:

It is possible that as you told her you are not in hurry that she keeps putting your doll aside as she gets orders from people who are in hurry. And as you have already given her 2 kits plus cash, so you probably do not owe her much, so there is nothing to make her to work on your baby. I really think you need to give her ultimatum; I would say, OK so you have no money but you have time so I expect my doll here in 4 weeks time.

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