Glue eyelashes

Ok basic newbie question.I just rooted my first eyelashes on a sleeper baby How do i glue them in without making a gluey m ess on them.?from the outside or inside?

On the inside I believe.

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You glue them from the inside.

You seal them on the inside just like you seal your hair on the head itself. I usually do both at the same time. I root the lashes as the last part of my rooting process.


You can only glue them from the inside .

Oh thanks i wasnt sure.
Haha i put them in before hair but no glue…now half are gone !!Another lesson… hair first!..


Some lessons are harder than others, but we all have them! Melting a head taught me to always set the timer and not go outside before it goes off! That’s the best way to learn something and make sure you never make the same mistake twice! LOL