Glossing eyes

I bought a set of glass eyes and they arrived with tiny spots on it, a defect in the glass. As they were the only pair in stock I kept them and tried to remove the marks and did… unfortunately it went a bit too far and removed a piece of the glazing too. I put clear nail polish over it which looks a little better but I’m wondering if it will hold up as it comes off if scratched. Is there anything that will successfully re-gloss a glass eye or am I just wizzing in the wind and need to buy another set?

Yes, remove the nail polish and use the floor varnish that many of us gloss our eyes with.
Pledge Revive It Floor Gloss - Restores and Protects Sealed Wood Floors (1 Bottle), 27 oz


I can’t seem to get that over here, is this the same stuff?

It’s half the price of the eyes so I don’t want to find it won’t work after paying for it.

That looks like it is about the same thing. They keep changing the bottle. At one time it was called Future. It is a floor cleaning/waxing liquid that is like water. It runs about $8 here in the US in stores. It can be found in the cleaning aisles. Artists have used it to seal clay beads for years so the person who told me about it said. That was @janan of My Forever Babies
I have been using it for years now to gloss the eyes on all my babies. One bottle will last forever as you only need a few drops and it is watery like and self leveling.

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I have some but curious if anyone has noticed this flaking or chipping after a bit? I had someone ask if it would and I couldn’t answer.

I use this kind and I found mine at the Dollar General. It works great! And it is cheaper. I couldn’t get Pledge during the pandemic and decided to try it instead.


I have never had any of mine to chip and I have it on all my babies in my crib.

That is great to know because it is getting hard to find this stuff. My bottle is so old, probaby 10 years now and I wanted to get a newer bottle of it.

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I use it on top of varnish for dewy skin too. I just pounce it with a damp wedge.

Ooh thank you, that one I can get! It’s not that cheap over here though £15 which is roughly $20! I’ve had to get another set of eyes after all, no matter how much I coated it the defect was still visible when the light hit it. I guess it was too ingrained in the glass.