Glazing Gel?

Sorry for the multiple post tonight. I’m really glad I found and joined this forum because I have a lot questions that would have probably gone unanswered. So question about Genesis Glazing Gel. The glazing I have doesn’t seem to work. I’ve used like by itself, with Genesis Thinning Medium, and Thinner. It just doesn’t give that gloss or sheen affect. I like to use it on the lips, nails, and a lad bit in the inner eye. It so frustrating because at one point and most of the time it makes my reborn chalky in those areas which is hard to correct. I don’t understand why it isn’t working. Did I get a bad batch or am I applying it wrong? Also what can I use for a substitute? Also am I supposed to bake it or let it air dry? I baked it once and the result was chalkiness. But I let it air dry the other times. I still get a bit of chalkiness. Maybe I’m applying it wrong. I usually apply once I’ve finished the lips, nails, and such.

Hi…I don’t use the glazing gel…I use Air Dry Gloss…I bought from EBay…on the.lips and places I want to look wet…hope this helps :slight_smile:

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What brand do you use?

The chalkiness is most likely caused by not being fully cured…Any finishing varnish or glaze should be cooked twice. minimum. I do 8 minute cooks…let the cool between cooks though or you run the very high risk of melting…There are othe r products that work well for this like Dewy Skin by PLDB. You can get it from IArt in the UK or Macphersons in Canada or here in Oz we can get it at CORA - City of Reborn Angels. It is great when you want a nice sheen without all the shine…It is used the same as GHS varnishes. I do my Satin Matte varrnish over the whole skin and cook and then in the T zone area, Lips and inner ears I do the Dewy Skin for a little extra sheen. here are a few examples so you can see what I mean… I used the Dewy Skin on the nose, eyelids and T zone area. It gives a nice sheen but no shine. The shine you see in the eye corners and across the bridge of the nose is paper glaze and I just use a brush to put it one and then blot the excess off with my finger…dabs not smears…It helps blend the shiner parts into the sheen part for a very natural look with no shiny lines, etc…Hope this helps


Thank you thank you thank you. Very helpful. I didn’t know that glazing gel had to be cured. I thought it was air dry. May that’s the reason it wasn’t getting shiny or glossy. :joy: But I thought the chalkiness occurred because of the baking I did. If you don’t mind me asking, what Satin Varnish do you use? I use Heat Set Matte Varnish on the entire thing. Your babies skins look very natural/realistic compared to mine. I noticed that in areas that I’ve applied the Matte Varnish thickly to gets very very shiny. Is that a result of not curing it well enough? I use a Farberware Convection Countertop Oven. I have it set at about 225 degrees. I usually put my limbs on the middle row with a towel under it. I bake for a total of 10 mins. 4-5 minutes each side. My large heads I put on the very bottom row with 2 towels. Same time. When I do apply Matte Varnish I bake 2-3 times. One set of limbs I applied Varnish to got extremely shiny. More shiny than before I applied the Varnish.

Chalky glaze is underbaked glaze. Try baking it more than once. A lot of people bake any varnish or glaze (except air dry gloss, of course) three times. As was said before, let cool completely between bakes. You may find GHSP glazing gel is not as shiny, just a more satiny sheen. If you want more shine GHSP air dry gloss is good (but I hear it was discontinued, anyone know if that is true?). Paper glaze can also be used and is cheaper. Don’t bake!
By the way, no GHSP can air dry except the ones indicated as air dry like gloss.
If you want to use the varnish you have, bake 2-3 times between coats and keep adding more till you are satisfied. It isn’t super glossy, though.

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Thank you. I’m not sure if I have Air Dry Gloss or Glazing Gel which is why I’m confused. The name tag thing fell off. At first I thought I had Air Dry Gloss. Then I started questioning it. Have you used Paper glaze?

The only paper glaze I’ve used is Aleene’s Paper Glaze. It’s great for glossing the lips & nails. It’s an air-dray formula so it’s done last.

Thank you all. I’ll give all your tips a try.

Paper glaze is great for adding shine where you want the wet look like in eye corners and deep in the nostrils (just don’t get it on the edges of the nostrils or too close to the outer entrance or you will have a baby with a runny nose…lol)…if you do get it too near the nostril edge before it is able to dry (which is quite quickly) wipe your brush and put a bit of water on it and go over it and then wipe your brush so that it is just damp and go over the gloss before it dries…do it a couple of time to make sure that you have ‘mopped’ it up from the area…I don’t really like the glazing gel as it does seem to get more shiny as it cooks than I like. It can be mixed with your matte varnish to give a bit more of a dewy look though…If you want the satin varnish - GHS Satin Varnish is sold at…I have also mixed it with my matte varnish before and it makes a nice skin finish as well…When you do the matte varnish…I have always found it better to a good coverage but not a super thick one. you can always apply a second layer if you want a more textured look and feel…just make sure that they are baked properly between coats… To check, you can lightly squeeze the vinyl or do a light scratch with your fingernail (not a deep scratch…lol) If you have a whitish crackle look when you pinch or a white mark when you scratch, it needs to be cooked again… :wink:


Thank you. This helps a lot.

The air dry gloss is white in the jar, looks like elmers glue and the glaze is more transparent and thick. If i get a chance, ill post a pic of both so u can see the difference between the two.

I found the little sticker it said Glazing Gel. But now I’m not sure which is my matte varnish and which is my glazing gel. They look extremely similar. My stickers peeled off.

Here’s a picture:
I believe the one on top is the glazing gel and the bottom the matte varnish.

Glazing gel drys smooth before baking right and matte varnish rough or textured?

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Sorry I’m not sure whose advice it was to mix Matte Varnish and Glazing Gel. I did & I love love love the finish. It’s very smooth and very realistic. Wow thank you. I love it better than applying just matte varnish. It’s too shiny and not to matte. I still want to try the dewy skin and paper glaze. I will. Thank you all. I can’t wait to share this one I’m working on.


You are very welcome (mixing glazing and matte). Glad it worked for you…It is an oldie but a goodie tip that I learned many many moons ago before they introduced the dewy skin and satin varnish products.

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I purchased paper glaze so I’ll give when I get it. I’m going to try the Dewy Skin product also. Are you supposed to use it on the entire reborn? What is the brand of Satin Varnish do you use also?

GHS has the satin varnish and with the Dewy Skin, it is sort of up to you what sort of look you want with it…I don’t normally use it over the whole face though some ladies do and it is really preference…a little tip with it though if you do use it over the whole face…I have found that if you apply it and let it dry first and then cook it, it is gives a less shiny finish. Some ladies apply it and put it straight in to cook and it tends to cook on a bit more shiny when still wet. That is what I have found with it anyway. It is a very nice product though and can be applies over matte varnish in just areas you may want a bit more sheen without shine…I use it always over the eyelids, t-zone (nose and between eyes) and lips and inner ears and mix a small portion of it in with my matte varnish for the rest of the face because I like to have different effects on the skin. If you think of your skin, normally the cheek, etc are more matte and less shiny and you will get more shine or sheen in the nose area, eyelids etc…) If you use the two techniques separate you are able to create a more realistic look to your skin…The Dewy Skin just give that nice sheen a baby’s skin gets in the summer and it does bring your work to ‘life’ without giving a greasy look. I do the matte mix and cook it till cured (normally 2 times and then go and do the dewy skin where I want it and do the same…) Hope that helps…


Thank you guys. I love love love the paper glaze.

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Did you ever find out why your limbs were more shiny, this just happen to me and I’m not sure what to do next.

This was when I was creating my very first reborn so I don’t remember but now I seal/varnish with a combination of satin and matte varnish thinned out with a little thinning medium and odor thinner. The finish isn’t too shiny or too rough but just right in my opinion :slight_smile: