Ok I need some tips on the glaze/sheen for lips/nails etc. I bought some of the Genesis glaze and have mixed it with color, used it alone don’t just about every combo imagine able and can NOT get a shine out of it? Not even a little but of sheen, isn’t that what the glaze is supposed to be for? I haven’t bought the Aleens paper glaze as I think it’s going to be “too much”. I don’t want the over glossy lip gloss look just that nice natural sheen lips and nails have. Any advice/tips??


If you will put the Aleena’s on the lips and then use your finger to lightly tap the, it leaves a nice sheen on the outer lip and the gloss or shiny part is only at the crease where you would expect to see more moisture…not sure if you can tell in the photos but if you will look closely, you can see how I have the shine in the middle crease and it goes out to a sheen on the other lips…


Ah ok! I’ve just been nervous to try it I’ve read a lot of the abundance of gloss it leaves, that’s why I went with the glaze and I see a complete waste of money I’ve never seen any for, of glaze or sheen anytime I’ve used it

I have recently “stolen” Starr’s technique and I can vouch for the fact that it works amazingly well! I love having some areas wetter than others. (Love you Starr!)


So beautiful!


Love you too Helen :heart_eyes:

Thanks so much Marissa :smile:

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I love you guys so much! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️