Glass beads

Has anyone else had a hard time breathing after messing with the glass beads? It feels like I have something in the back of my throat. Just curious!!

I haven’t had any problems with that and I use the superfine stuff right now since I got a big bucket of it. Hope you are okay!

I am using the ones from bountiful baby, and I swear since I messed with them last night, I feel like I can’t breath. It’s as if I have asthma or something, but I don’t. So I have been reading about small glass beads, sand blasting, etc. Heres the link

I know I just ordered some of those glass beads from Harbor Freight, so read this link please. It has changed my mind about using the glass beads period.

I wonder if the glass beads from Harbor Freight are silica free. I will have to look into that for sure. I am definately wearing a mask next time. I made the mistake of stuffing my baby on the couch last night, some of the glass beads spilled onto the couch, as of the bags had a hole in it, so silly me decided to dust them off the couch onto the floor so I could vaccum them up. Won’t do that again either, and next time I am definately wearing a mask. But for those of us who use the sand blasting glass beads, I would check into if they are silica free or not. I haven’t recieved the ones I ordered yet, but curious to read the bag or container they come in.
Thanks for your post.

Wow thanks for the comfort. I don’t think I am going to use the other stuff I ordered, haven’t received it yet, but Too nervous about it!! Plus I have small children and don’t want them to be around that stuff either. I will stick with BB’s stuff, even though the shipping is extemely expensive for me. I was going to buy 5 LBs, it $20.00 shipping on top of the cost of the beads, ouch, but reborning happens at a price I suppose!!

your welcome!! If you wouldn’t mind to share anything you find of value, I would sure appreciate it!!

I just used the BB beads this time, don’t have my beads from harbor freight yet. My throat still feels weird, it’s almost like the feeling, hmmm maybe a hair in my throat or something. Just feels weird, I don’t like it. I hope it goes away soon. However BBs glass beads are suppose to be silica free, but still doesn’t seem right to me to possibly inhale these small beads and have no side effects, so I don’t know. I am glad I am not crazy, and someone else has experienced the same thing, well not glad you have dealt with this issue too, well hopefully you know what I mean. Thanks for the post

You know, I was thinking of making a bunch of pouches up, ones that will definately be completely sealed (this would be capable if I knew how to sew, lol), I have one of those mask that take the cartrides luckily, going out side with those glass beads from harbor freight, wear my mask, and fill them until I have used this order of them. My sister can sew, so I would have to do some sweet talking. Her birthday is coming up, so I bet if I get her a nice gift she would do it for me, lol!! I don’t want to ever feel this way again. It’s awful isn’t it? My husband said I couldn’t breath in my sleep this morning, don’t remember I stayed up way too late, so I was out cold. But if I feel this way, I hope the stuff isn’t lingering around here affecting my kiddos. God bless them, they didn’t choose to reborn I did. However my 6 year daughter wants to real bad. I might strip one of her little vinyl babies and let her have the pleasure of trying it out. The only problem is, it’s eyes are painted on. Wonder if I strip those paints, and open up the eyes if I could find it a pair of eyes? Thinking out loud, sorrry!!! Back on track, I was scared when I woke up today about it, thinking man, what if my throat or lungs are something are being cut up by possibably inhaling some of those glass beads, then posted my forum, then started researching. It’s a scary thing, and for me my health is important as I want to live til I am really really old, God willing!! My kiddos need me!!!
Did you check out the link I posted about silica?
If not read that, and I seriously suggest taking some kind of precautions to protect yourself from here on out. They say those simple mask don’t protect you from silica, only the one with the cartridges, as least that’s what I read. I was trying to figure out if Harbor Freights glass beads are silica free, but couldn’t find any reading materials on it, so I am going to call them on Monday. Even if they aren’t though, still breathing that stuff in can’t be good. I always have to learn things the hard way, lol!!! However, I try not to make the same mistakes twice. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with me. It has put me at such ease, and I hope the same for you!!