Glass bead grit size?

Hi friends!

I was wondering what glass bead grit size you use? I purchased 30-80 grit and a lot of it seems to seep through the stockings. If you could share what size you use, and possibly where you buy it from, it would be greatly appreciated!


Mil 3
20-30 grit (higher the number smaller the size)

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@jlesser This is great information. I wasn’t aware of this.

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This is the difference between 20-30 (mil 3 - what BB sells) and 50-70 (bucket from walmart (I only use them in limbs)
mil 3 is on top

I also bought sizes from Abrasive Armory (AA) on ebay and here is a comparision of mil 1, mil 2, mil 3 and Bountiful Baby’s beads (mil 3)

And a close up - mil 1 is the largest on the top right, both mil 3 are on the bottom


Thank you so much for the info. You’re so knowledgeable and always ready to help!


I am not sure if Abrasive armory still sells all the sizes in my pictures but know they recently had Mil 3.
I buy there and pour into a bucket once I get it. The amount per pound is cheaper. I buy 25 pounds at a time. They also have a listing for 40 pounds!83605!US!-1

You can really see the difference in the photos. Thank you.

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What would be the benefit of mil 1 or mil 2? I ordered from them and I wasn’t sure which one to get, so I went with mil 3 because that’s what I’ve always used but I did wonder about the others


Personally I liked them in the body but could hear them if squeezed. (Not that a buyer should be squeezing it but I like to check)

I needed some of these, but have been too busy (or lazy?) to sift through what is available. Thanks for the link, @jlesser. I just ordered 40lbs quite effortlessly. Lol

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It comes in a bag inside a flat rate box. I then put it into a bucket I have left over from buying the walmart ones. Those are smaller beads 50-70 grit. 50 pounds.
It would be handy if Abrasive Armory sent it in buckets as well :wink:

If it’s not a pain, do you have a link to the Walmart bucket, or do you get it in the store? I couldn’t find the listing

My phone wont copy the link for some reason… but this is it