Giving myself anxiety

I was just wondering if anyone else does this to themselves. So this artist that I love is doing a kit I’ve been wanting for a while. The artist doesn’t take customs, so for her to do a kit I want in the skintone I want is a rare thing. I could pay the doll off on my next paycheck, but I don’t have the money for the deposit right now. I’m in some sort of mad scramble trying to scrape together money for the deposit, all while getting more and more anxious I’m gonna lose out. I feel like at this point I just need to drop it, because a doll shouldn’t be detrimental to my health. It’s just hard to have to pass up this opportunity. Have you guys ever been in this kind of situation? And how did you handle it

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Have you tried simply contacting the artist and explaining what’s going on?


I contacted her about a payment plan and she gave me the option of one. Then she said that I needed to be quick because her last doll sold in 19 minutes. I guess that’s what made me so anxious. But I’m trying to not think about it too much. I was just wondering if any of you ever put yourself in a tizzy

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I’m like that. Then I talk myself out of it and I regret it for months! So if you can scrape up the money get it!!

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In my humble opinion no dolls should be worth your health - physical, mental or emotional. Reborns are not necessities and the fact that you scramble for money should be the answer to it. It will always be a next doll that you’ll fall in love with. Just save a little bit for that.