Getting to know you

I thought I would start a new kind of thread. We visit each other here several times a day, yet, I feel like I know people but don’t really know them. So, I thought if people wanted, we could give a little bio of ourselves. Here’s mine:

My first name is Kim. I have been single all my life. I grew up on a dairy farm in WI. I have two sisters and three brothers. One is now deceased. My parents are still living. I live in the house that was my grandparents. It’s about 80+ years old. My parents live just across the yard, so I help them alot. Most of my adult life was spent away. I returned in 2003 and have loved every minute of being back “home.” I started reborning in 2003 and haven’t looked back. I like all kinds of crafts, nature, photography, animals. My dream is to have angora goats some day. I am currently unemployed trying to find work. I live in a very rural area with the next place to shop being 30 miles in one direction or 60 in the other. (the other two directions are even further away) I am a teacher by profession but have not been able to get my WI license since moving home. Did common labor, tried insurance and then landed at Walmart for almost three years. Most jobs are at least 30 miles away, so I need to find something that has good pay and decent hours. I am a person of faith. I attend church regularly and am active with church activities. Would love to connect with reborners who are somewhat in the area.

Thanks for joining in. I thought it would be nice to hear a little bit more about folks. It sounds like you lead a busy life. You are so lucky to have family all so close. We are spread out and people’s busy lives make for telephone relationships. Guess that’s better than not hearing from them at all. I bet the raptor refuge is very interesting.

Kim I love this thread !!!
I am Cher and am almost 55 -married the last wonderful guy on earth in 1973 at the tender age of 16 1/2 got pregnant that same month and my first baby was born 9mon and 23 days after we got married-A daughter Amber.
Michael was born 18 mo later and then we lost a set of twins when he was 6mon old (I was three mon along almost)
At 19 Kaiser told us I couldnt have anymore kids and tied my tubes-Neither one of us were done so when Michael was 2 we started looking to adopt and started taking foster babies (had 125 altogeather-mostly drug babies and failure to thrive infants ,but also quite afew toddlers that had been baddly abused )
I also started my Midwifery studies around that time.Had my tubes untied had 3 more miscarrages and 4 tubal pregnancies -almost died the last time so no more trying after that
adopted James in 1988 and Kayla in 1989 . I became a licenced Midwife in 2004 and have delivered about 400 babies in the home birth setting (most in water-1 on the freeway and the rest about the room or on the bed LOL
In !994 I moved both of my parents in with us as Mom had Polio as an infant and was very physicaly handicapped and now Daddy had Alzhimers-
Mom Passed away almost 6 years ago Come Feb and Dad 3 years ago in Aug-Its just John and I now and we sooooo enjoy or time togeather !!!
We both love the Lord and attend church 3 times aweek as well as Pray service on mon and 1 or 2 sat meetings a month so we are pretty busy -Johns parents live about 15 min away and we help them out alot -We raise mini pursians and have alot of kittens right now-Thats alot of work!!!I started Reborning after mom died and so wish she could see these babies as we both really loved the baby dolls and collected a few Middeltons and AD babies togeather !!! John and I well be married 37 years Dec 1st and now have 10 grand children
Ok thats my life

My name is Tonya I live in Alamogordo, NM I am married to my best friend and we have two daughters(Brandy 29 & Alicia 28). We have 4 grand daughters (Kayla 10, Kyla 6, Cheyanne 5, and Savanah almost 2) (Our two girls each have two girls). We have two great son-in-laws (Rusty and Josh)our youngest daughters husband (Josh) is in Afghanistan he is a Marine . I have been reborning for three years and LOVE every minute of it. I reborn daily. We own a construction company here in New Mexico. We have two dogs a Jack Russell (Haylee) and a Yorkies (Lady Tuff Stuff). I have 2 older sisters an older brother and a younger brother. They all live in Ft. Worth, Texas. My dad past away in 1992. My mom lives in Ft. Worth too. I am a very big believer in GOD!!! I love talking to you ladies here on the forum.

Hello, my name is Katie, I am engaged to the man of my dreams, we have been together for 9 years, and have two beautiful boys together Alexander (just turned four) & Logan (just turned 2). Logan was due on Alex’s bday but was born a week late! so they are 2 year, 1 week apart. they are best friends. Logan is Alex’s shadow.

I am going to be 25 in December. I worked as a CNA and PCA for handicapped children for 3 years at a school and at their homes. I used to work about 75 hrs a week between those two jobs and my Father-in-laws penny candy store. I haven’t worked since i was a few months along in ALex’s (my first) pregnancy because I had high blood pressure and was bed ridden. So I would still go shopping but mostly stayed around the house eating and playing Zuma on the computer lol. So i have been a stay-at-home mom since then (over 4 1/2 years).

I am absolutely blessed with the two boys I have, they are the most wonderful gift from God I could ever hope to receive, I couldnt ask for more. Although, I would like to have a little girl! But that is up to God!

I don’t have many friends but my fiance is my best friend in the world. He just surprised me with 2 dozen red roses today out of no where. His name is Nick and I absolutely ADORE him.

I am a crocheting fiend I love to crochet. I love reborning its so unusual and I love everything about it. Its so unique and I love to make these dolls into babies. I love this forum I have some wonderful friends in here. It’s so nice to hear all kinds of neat things and learn about everyone. I stop by this forum everyday I love it here, there are alot of people you can trust, I really love that.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for posting your stories too it is so nice to hear about everyone on here as we are a tight knit community, it feels really personal here and it’s great to meet new forum friends!

Take Care!!


This was a great idea. Now were coming out of comfort zones to tell our stories so here’s mine . I was married in Nov 17, 2001.
My husband died July 17, 2008. We had goats, chickens, dogs, and cats. I had a great marriage to Kenneth. . I used to at a sale barn wher we sold goats and chickens now I don’t work. But the pangora’s are truly beautiful because there small and have lots of hair. I’m the oldest of four kids. I have one sister brandi, two brothers brandon and the baby cody. I love to read the loveinspired books.

Ladies, I have to say I wasn’t too sure how this would go over but you have surpassed my expectations. This has been great. It is nice to get to know people on a more intimate level. I am sure will can only grow stronger from knowing each other. You have shared beautiful stories. I hope others join in.

Wow, Kim! I agree… This is a wonderful topic.

My name is Carmen And I am 51 years old. I was born in Cuba to Cuban parents and Spanish (from Spain) grandparents, on both sides. I speak Spanish fluently although it has been some time since I have spoken it so I am a bit rusty. I was blessed to be the only girl in a family with six children. Four of my brothers are older than me and one is younger. Needless to say, I was very spoiled (and I loved it!) and definitely a Daddy’s girl. My Dad passed away in 1991 (I miss him so!) and I lost my Mom to cancer in 2005. One of my brothers also passed in 1991.

In 1984, I married the love of my life. Michael and I met while both new hires at Lockheed in Sunnyvale, California in 1982. Two years later, we were married. 27 years and four children later, we are still happily married and cannot imagine my life without him. He shows his love for me daily and has proven his commitment to our vows. In December of 2008, I was diagnosed with AML Leukemia and not only did he stick by me and encourage me through the whole process, he never left my side, staying with me at the hospital 24/7. My husband and my faith in God got me through it and by God’s grace, I am cancer-free today, three years later.

We moved to the Austin, Texas area (from California) fifteen years ago and then three years ago, we moved to the Fort Worth area. Today, we live on an acre out in the country and I just love it! Aside from our 5 pound Pomeranian, we do not have any animals but we get to hear our neighbor’s roosters in the mornings and see their horses and goats. It is so relaxing. The only drawback is that it is a minimum of 30 minutes to go anywhere!

Like I said, we have four children. Our oldest is Jennie and she is married to a man just like her daddy! Clint is a wonderful son-in-law and they have blessed us with our first and only grandbaby, little Miss Ryleigh. Jeff is our older son followed by Jeremy who is only 18 months younger. Jeremy just got married this past summer to Erica and we adore her! What a wonderful addition to our family she is! Our baby is Katie who is now 17 (she was 16 in the photo) and just getting her license, although she is not too interested in driving. It seems like we have to push her to practice!

I love to sew and quilt and make dolls! For many years, I made porcelain dolls ranging in size from 2" to 29" tall. Jennie and I would work on them together but when she went off to college, I stopped because it was no fun to make them alone. Then in September of 2010, I took a reborning class and fell in love with the art! My husband and I flew out to Seattle, WA for the workshop. He went sightseeing during the day while I was in class. We would link up again for dinner in the evening and he showed me some of his “discoveries”. We had a blast! Since then, I have taken a few of Lara’s online classes as well as one in person in San Francisco during the IRDA Conference that we attended. Then, last month, I took a workshop in Houston taught by Suzette DuPlessis of Let’s Reborn. I have learned so much and love making these babies.

this is so wonderful, everyone

Hi Carmen!!!
It really is wonderful getting to know everyone better and it blows me away how much we all seem to have in common -Not just reborning !!!

Hi i’m Karen and i am so glad to meet you all. I’m 55 and i live in Gilbert Az. I have 4 children-- Chris 37 whose in the Navy, Amy 35 who is a caregiver, Joe 30 is a train engenier in Chicago and Diane 29 is a dental hygenist. I have 3 grandchildren Jacob 12, Joey 8 and Starla 3. I was a very wild child growing up and too life for granted. Wow, this is going to be hard to tell you all. I got pregnant when i was 17 and doing drugs. I had wounderful parents that opened their arms to me and was with me on the decision to keep my baby. Let me say baby’s daddy split. Well i made a promise to God that if my baby was born ok i will never drink or do drugs again. So as you can guess all went well and i have kept my promise. I also gave my boyfriend at the time another try. We got married but when i got pregnant again he split. And i divorsed him soon after i had Amy. I married my 2 husband and had a misserable marriage till we divorsed. He was an alcholic and i was never allowed to have a job. He would’nt even let me go to school to get a degree in child care. There’s so much more to that marriage that i really dont want to talk about. Ok, i met my current husband in 92. We got married in 93 and i never thought i would find my best friend but i did. We both worked in the apartment business until Jim became self employed 7 years ago and i lost my job 2 years ago. That is when i found reborning. Ok here goes Due to the arthritis in my knees i had to have one knee replaced 2 years ago. That’s when i had a bad breakdown. If you dont mind i really do not want to talk about that.I will say i am not the same person. I very rarely leave the house cause now i have to deal with depression , anxiety and the constant pain due to my RA. This is the time i found reborning. I really think reborning found me. But i have my wounderful husband helping me through this. His job has been slow but somehow we make our bills with Gods help. And i now hope i can vent here when i am having one of those days. Bescides who said life is easy. We might not be rich but we have love and eachother and thats all that counts to me.

Friends, your sharing has been amazing and very personal. I feel privileged to be a part of your sharing. I know that we are all here for each other and help each through the rough times. Reborining has helped so many of us in such a variety of ways. Imagine how all our little babies have helped those who have received them. Thanks for such openness.

Hello all, I’m Cindy Mulcahey and I’m 51. DOUBLE UGH!!! I lived in the St Louis area until I was 17 when my family moved out here to Washington. I love it here!!! I married my husband Jim when I was 29 in June 1989 and got an instant part time son in the bargain. Nick was the cutest 6 year old I ever met. Two for One!!! We had our oldest daughter Erin the following summer and Katie followed 17 months later. They are now 28, 21, and 19 1/2. No marriages, no grandkids yet. phewwwww…Nick is stationed in Guam in the Navy. His third tour after graduating from the Naval Academy, Erin went to cosmetology school, but wants to do portrait photography, and Katie is at Western Washington University studying Art Education. She is an artist to the core and wants to teach. We three girls are all VERY artsy/crafty but the men not so much.
I was in the banking industry for 10 years until I quit to stay home with the girls and became a daycare “mom” and from that point to now have had about 20 little people through the house. I generally get them at about 6 weeks and have them until their moms quit to stay home, or there’s a move, or they age out and want to stay home by themselves. My newest and youngest now is a great niece who is 4 months. She may be my last unless her folks decide to have one more. We’ll see.
I began reborning after I bought Erin a baby on ebay for $82.00 back in 2002. We opened the box, commented how cute that little sucky lip Berenguer was with his slit mouth (for the pacifier), his wig, and badly painted nails. I COULD DO BETTER!!! So I did.
I took “Austin” apart and figured out the process, fixed his issues and the addiction has been in control of me most of the time. I have for a few months here and there (graduation, Christmas, Easter) picked up and put away, but it never lasts for long and out comes the stuff and away I go.
I am also a ‘woman of faith’ and am sad to say that since our church split I have yet to find a new church home. We have been here and there but none compare. I sometimes have to pull over when I am driving because a great praise/worship song will come on the radio and I can’t see for the tears. I Love the Lord and I know he is taking care of me and mine.
I am glad to be sharing my day with all of you and think this is a great group of women who will always be willing to give advice, listen to a rant, lift a spirit, and now…pray for a need.
Thanks Kim!!! this is a great opportunity to get to know everyone at the same time!!! SUPER IDEA!!!

This is an awesome way to begin to know all you. I feel as if you are all future friends. My name is Debbie, I’m 50. I live in rural Arkansas and would not want to live anywhere else. I have been married to my husband for 32 years. I work as an EMT. (Emergency Medical Technician, on an ambulance). I work never less than 72 hours a week. I am volunteer fire fighter and first responder. I have 2 labs, both boys and yes a resposible pet owner. My oldest is 12 yr old yellow lab (who was born on my daddy’s birthday and was rescued; his momma died and no one wanted the runt. He was almost 4 weeks old so we got him and bottle fed him and now he is 90 lbs. My youngest is a rescued blacklab mastiff who has lost down to 150 lbs. He was also a rescue. I pulled onto the side of the road to look for a slip of paper in my truck and heard a whinning. I opened my truck door this black I thought at the half grown lab crawled in my truck sat in the seat like he belonged there, and he has been in my truck since he is 11. I have a cat who just showed up at our place one day about 6 years ago, We also now have 2 ducks in added to my critters as my momma calls them. We have only one son, who 30, he is a police officer and fire fighter also. He has a daughter who is 2 going on 20. My daughter in law is a stay at home mom. I was pregnant with triplets and had a bad car wreck at 4.5 months of my pregnancy and because of this we lost the other two babies. I was not able to carry another child past the first trimester afterward. My husband and son are both National Guard and has been deployed twice and is slated to go to Afghanstan in 2012. In the past when my husband has been deployed I went back to school. Not this time I am going to reborn babies! I love sewing and almost any craft. We live right next door to the little country church we attend. I am a country girl and I love it. There seems to be no one close to myself who reborns so I have to rely on your help. I have shwon the heads that I painted a couple of days ago and have friends wanting some. I am far from ready, so please keep advise coming. Sorry this was so long, gosh I feel as if I just scratched the surface. I can go on and on about my kids 2 legged and 4 legged. My parents are still alive but my dad has alzhimers.

— Begin quote from “grammyjladr”

Then there is the 34 year old in the motor home permanently in our driveway, single, cute guy, never been married, ambitious, employed surveyor seeks God loving woman, oh oh… maybe I should let him do that. Anyway great guy.

A PaPa for the grandies and the best hot water bottle a girl could ask for on cold nights. (summer I wish he could turn it down a bit but winters coming!!!)

Oh and I have the cutest miniature chicken living in my living roon you ever did see!!! Miss Beatrice to be exact. Sunday dinner is 25-30 people. Who could want for more.

— End quote

  OMG Carolyn...  you are too funny!       

BUMP…anyone else want to share…come on…you know you want to!!!

just want to say i think you all are awsome!!!

Becki -I was a home school Grammie for 3 years and I KNOW what you mean !!! LOL So much fun and so much work at the same time !!!
I rarly even get to see the boys now and its heart breaking !!! I have Tons of schooling stuff in boxes it the atic -1ooo,s of dollars I put into it and now sitting

I am so greatful that each of us are willing to open up and share-this is a special thing and I know no one here would ever do anything hurtful like what happened to Linda -God wants us to love and support each of our sisters and treat others as we want to be treated-That is why I love BB forum so much cuz there is a wonderful loving group of friends/sisters/family here!!!
I didnt post before about my Mom -Her name was LaRae and everyone called her Nana-she was and always will be my very best friend and she was an amazing person-Moma got polio in 1939 at 6 mo old -she never walked and back then the drs. didnt even think she would live to be 15-but she did-or have kids (me and my sis proved them wrong again)-I remember mom being able to use her arms to get herself out of her wheelchair when I was 3-4 but when I was 5 she needed a back brace just to sit up and I remember lifting her arms into the dish pan so she could do dishes before we were old enough to do them-My biological father dumped us all when my sister was 18 mo and I was 2 1/2-Mom met Jerrie (my REAL dad) when I was 5 and he also had 2 kids from another marrige so we all got married and then Mom and Dad adopted each others children and 3 more-one from vietnam (cory0 a privite adoption (kim) and Mary (my baby sister)was a foster baby they had and ended up keeping (btw the had over 450 foster children in Alemeda county over the years)
Now mind you mom couldnt walk ,use her arms or lift but she and Dad took care of these lil kids and Mom loved all of them so much -it was so cute watching them climb up on her lap for a kiss like we had always done as kids!Daddy got alzhimers in the early 1990’s and when he droped Mom and broke her hip we knew it was time for them to move in with us -
I had full care of both of them for about 15 years and Mom’s body gave away more and more each year just as Daddy’s mind did - mom always found a way to use the few muscles she had -she tole painted sewed did bead work when she couldnt do the sewing anymore she painted when she couldnt do that anymore I would pour beads out for her and she would spend hrs every day stringing then-she made so many that at her funeral we put out baskets of them for people to take as a keep sake-Daddy remarried less than 1 yrs later to a lady in the assisted liveing place he was in -Mind you he couldnt even remember to change his own diaper put the Law let him get married !!! He thought that Mom was still alive and I was hideing her from him !!!Anyway he passed away 3 years ago in aug
Mom and I collected dolls togeather and I so wish she could see all these wonderful babies .
Reacently my sister (natural one) and I have gotten very close and while she doesnt reborn -she does love the dolls and is my biggest fan!!!
I hope after things settel down for them (they are losing their house and may move in with us -not sure yet)that she will give it a try
ok NOW thats my life !!!

Ashley your our baby!!! I thought you were young but not 15 !!!(I would have guessed early 20ish