Getting ready to paint silicone

So yesterday I worked on cleaning up my craft room, vaccumed and dusted. I organized my desk and did the swap out I do to go from painting vinyl to silicone. I sat down and mixed up some of my most commonly used base colors and then I can mix others as I go that I won’t need as much of. I am slowly getting back to normal.


Looks like you’re ready to go. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

Glad you are feeling better. Wish you the best to getting back to normal. :footprints: :baby:

So glad to hear your body is healing :heart:

Glad you’re feeling better. Prayers that this continues.

Thank you all! It has been a long road but every day is a little better. Finally getting off the last of the medication I was on has helped a lot in my feeling less lethargic.


Nifty cups… why am I thinking silicone reacts bad with plastic? I read somewhere it melts the cups? Or was it that it made the silicone not cure :thinking: so much information out there idk what to believe anymore and it is why I’m afraid to start my bb silicone baby :pleading_face: but I know this isn’t your first rodeo. Just found it interesting the misinformation out there

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Now I need to add some cups to my sili paint list!

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I have stored it in these before and had no issues. You do have to test everything though. You can mix your silicone on the plastic pallets too. That is what Susan teaches in her class.


I’ll have to tread lightly when I get the guts

I started Tuesday laying down skin flush tones and light veining. I am hoping to have some time Friday to work in them again. Right now things are so subtle you can’t see the colors yet on a phone pic but here are the kits I am working on before I started them after prepping them.


I bought a flat of small Mason jars to store premixed paint. I haven’t decided to try sili just yet, but would something like that or cleaned baby food jars work?

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I’m not sure. You can call Smooth On and ask. I have always used plastic as the paint is sold in plastic containers. Remember, you cannot store mixed A&B it starts to set up in 15 mins or so. You can only mix your pigments into one part and store it.


Gosh they are so cute! I’m hoping to get to silicone this weekend. I’ve been doing vinyl but it’s time to switch it up!

Here are a couple cell phone pics end of today’s painting sessions.


That skin tone look so real to me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Are they going to be DOTWE babies? I am so want to see them in person!

That’s the plan depending on how they turn out at the end once matted.