Getting a load of emails😜😜😜😜

Ok , so first I’m happy I’ve sold babies , and I think I’ve made a customer for life​:blush::blush::blush:, she seems very sweet. She bought my Jewel , and has already requested custom babies, but literally since Wednesday I’ve counted now 39 emails from her​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. And I have to answer them. She bought a baby. She said she plans on buying plenty more, because she likes my work and prices​:grin:, maybe she’ll give good business , just hope she doesn’t resale them​:disappointed:


I hope so too!!! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


What is this woman’s first name. Sounds like my reborn stalker. Lol. :stuck_out_tongue:



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Thanks for the warning :blush:, that’s what I’m kind of worried about


I have a lady that is a lifer for me she has bought over 100 of my dolls now…I have her buy and send me the kits and any thing like eyes, lashes, body, etc…all that comes out of my pocket is the mohair because I am very picky about what I want to root and whatever it takes to put together unless I sell to her as a painted/rooted kit.and postage back to her…No risk on my part because I have no real investment in it…She is an avid collector and has never sold any of my babies.

I had another lady approach me and ask if I would paint and root kits and she would assemble them and wanted them to resale in a small shop she has…I was not comfortable with that so turned her down even though she told me she would credit me with the work…( I don’t know how well she would be with assembly so that was one of the factors in considering her offer…) then there are those who may want the dolls to resell…you can head that off by putting your prices up to a level where it would be hard for them to make much profit…as we all know…anyone buying one of our babies can resell it at any time and there may be people who genuinely avidly collect but grow tired of some of the babies or run out of room that may clear out more than one of our babies so really it is what you feel comfortable with…Go with your sixth sense…Ultimately, you have to decide whether you are just happy to have the sales and live with the fact that we don’t really know what these ladies do with our babies…or decide not to sell to someone based on the fact that you think they may not treat the doll the way you think it should be treated???

Nicole made a good point though…always be very nice but never really get down to a ‘your my best friend’ mode with them or they can take advantage…I had a regular customer who did me like that…I became ‘good friends’ with her and after a while she would always email me when I would list and ask if I would take less for my dolls…I would cut the price by $50 sometimes even when I had already listed them cheaper (Because it was Ebay I always listed my babies cheaper to help build new client base) After a while though I found out that she was buying from other ladies without even blinking an eye at $550 - $750 and was beating me down from $500 to $450 for my dolls when I was more experienced and if what people told me was true??, mine were of better quality…She would jump on every doll I listed and try to get me to knock the price down before anyone else had a chance to even look. After a while I would not answer her email straight away and the doll would usually sell before the day was out anyway…So yes, as the saying goes, in some cases, familiarity breeds contempt…