Get Your Tissue- News Report on Reborns

FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul … ity-babies
Very touching! In a good way!

Do you live near there. Was This on the news or just their web page? I am about two hours from the cities.

Looks like St.Paul/ Minneapolis News- I found the clip on Dollfan- I am in Washington state

Yes…very positive!

How wonderful…thanks so much for sharing. I donated a few reborns and also Lee Middleton dolls to a nursing home when we lived in Nebraska. Haven’t done it here in Florida yet, but boy, they were very appreciative and it’s heartwarming to see those elderly people rocking a baby, even the men.

Angie, who is a member here, has donated babies as well and wrote an article about it.

Nice to see reborning with a positive spin for once.

Loved the story! I would love to donate dolls but have wondered about what type of hair to use and whether they should be sleeping or awake, etc. We need to have someone with experience make a list so we know what to do. My neighbor is in a nursing home and I showed a doll to some nurses but not to any of the people there.

sniff…wow Kristi you weren’t kidding.

That was a wonderful, very positive showing of the simple love that these babies can hold.
Thank you so much for sharing the link because it encourages us to do the same in our

That was a great story!!

Tis is something i want to do with my reborns, either donate or sell them to nursing homes. We have a lot in my area. I am really shy though and unsure about approaching places. What type of letter could i write to them first and what would i say? Who would i address it to? Can anyone help me out? I am so shy that i cannot imagine just taking a baby up to a center and introducing myself.

I would ask the facilities administrator- and maybe the activities director at the facility. I think as long as they know you have good intentions they would be happy about it.