Get Ready For ROSE! All Kits On Sale! No Coupon Code Needed!

Folks, one of the coupons in our ROSE Doll Expo Calendar is valid this week. However, instead of requiring the coupon code, we have instead put ALL kits on sale during this week!

This is a FAR BETTER value than the coupon code would have been! This sale ends at the end of day Friday March 17th, at the same time that the ROSE coupon code would have ended.

Bountiful Baby


Click on a kit in the gallery it will show you what the price before marking down was

All there prices are lower. Once you open each kit link you can see the price difference. They are 25% off

omg i never browsed via gallery. WOW. i was wondering why they didn’t have an easy method of browsing!


I don’t usually however when I found the seconds to be priced so much lower I went to check it out then after that I received the email about it lol

Thank you very much.

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I did not get a calendar with my shyanne purchase …i guess my box was not the right size.

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Thank-you bb for the super sale!

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I think you needed to have a box big enough to fit 2 kits in order to get the free calender.


I didn’t get the calendar either! :scream: I ordered a whole bunch of stuff… but it was a lot of little items and one kit, packed tight in the littlest box! I was amazed what fit in there!!! lol obviously not a calendar! Haha :joy:


This sale is confusing it looks like all the kits have gone up in price. Nothing looks like it is on sale.

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They are all 25% off of their original price…

Open what ever kit you are looking at and you will see the difference… for example Sleeping Ana is $44.96 right now… Normally $59.95 So you save $14.99

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Sorry :cry: I posted as soon as I saw the seconds prices were so nice , anything in seconds was reduced when I first saw it the most expensive was the 26.21 kits .